Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hate the US Postal System

One reason I much prefer using online content than trading for dvds is our postal system which seems to cost more while delivering packages much slower.

I keep delaying revisiting Older Wiser and Wonderful till I receive the Older and Much Wiser DVD which has been sitting at a DHL Global  facility for over 2 days that is 30 minutes from my home.  Its expected delivery date is 5/20, not 5/2 as it should have been!!!! Why????  I expect to see this package leave NJ and go all over the country before returning to NJ or its replacement taking another month to get to NJ from the comments I have read about Amazon and DHL Global.

So this morning I revisited the edited good MUsic parts of Leslie's Walk to the Hits Party Songs on the bungee then did several short routines.  I especially liked the BeFit FatBurn (Kettlebell) routine with the MUsic I had added and using a purple Zumba stick instead of a kettlebell.
original routine:

I also enjoyed some of Tracy Anderson's XBox cardio with added MUsic on the bungee and stability ball.

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