Thursday, May 15, 2014

Waterfalls Virtual Walk

I added music to a virtual walk from one waterfall to another.
The original video without music

*Take a Hike From One Waterfall to Another: Koosah Falls to Sahalie Falls In Oregon*

by  TallSky, J Beer.

(The original photographer  "TallSky, J Beer" has given me permission to share the video file with Classical music!)

Waterfalls MU by POMBarb
Original Photographer TallSky, J Beer

This morning I did the above Waterfall Virtual Walk with Classical Music on the bungee then the ball.  Also did some Surfer Girl Core and a new edited jessicasmithtv video.  I took a Lipitor last night and today I have  joint twinges again but the hands are ok and no headache.  Not as much energy and a bit of brain fog.  Will skip it tonight and see how I feel tomorrow.

ETA: The next time I walk between the Borgata and Harrahs, I plan to video record the scenic walk and create my own virtual walk video :)

I forgot to mention also doing a Zen Cooldown which is a gem.
Here's a sample

However, I cannot remember which of my dvds offered this routine!!!!
Will check my collection later LOL

It's from Z-Box Fitness!
there are also some copies still available from Amazon vendors

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