Sunday, May 18, 2014

Another Day

Not quite as strong a feeling of well being this morning as yesterday but still much better than previous days.  Alittle more joint twinging and slight brain fog even though I slept well and skipped the Lipitor last evening. The true test was that I got into my workout and time flew without pooping.  Will see how the rest of the day goes.  Yesterday I took two outdoor walks and felt GREAT all day.

Anywho this morning I really enjoyed a German Manuel with MUsic added.
original routine

Here is a sample with my MUsic:

I love doing foreign language routines with replaced audio since I do not understand the cuing :)
What I especially like about Manuel is that he is easy to follow without cuing and his upper body isometrics added to bungee/ball bouncing makes a perfect no dread bouncing routine for me.  Just try playing a routine of his with the audio muted and play some of your favorite tunes either off your pc, another youtube tab, or whatever.

After doing Manuel's upright segment, I did some of the youtube Malta walk while sitting on a stability ball.
 Using the upper body as my *legs* keeps my heartrate up nicely.  I really like the original soundtrack which inspired all sorts of movements from me while bouncing on a stability ball.

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