Friday, May 23, 2014

LUrving MUving

This morning I did two edited youtube routines by Foreign instructors, replacing the Foreign language with MUsic.  First I did another French Cours Cardio (11) then another German WellShaped.TV with Manuel.  Enjoyed both alot mostly because of my chosen MUsic.  I was enjoying the Cours till I noticed the same combo was being repeated so started tweaking the move more to keep them more interesting.  This Manuel was mostly lower body (W3T1) while the one I did the other day was mostly upper body (W2T2).

I am really enjoying the newest tunes I have been adding so continue to do my newest dvdrs.  I did a short search for some older dvdrs I wanted to eventually do sooner rather than later (or never) and was a bit shocked this morning to see how many dvdrs I had burned in the past year or so and never even tried!  Lately, I average about 5 to 7 hours of routines on each dvdr so it could take a whole week or more to visit everything on each dvdr and since I burn one a week, I realistically will never try everything I edited.  Most of my acquired dvds and vhs will go untouched as well.

So silly me, I went ahead and ordered the Billy Blanks 24/7 at a great reduced price on Amazon to try his bands attached to gloves.   If I like the new bands enough to keep the set, I wonder if I will ever try all 7 dvds .... very doubtful  LOL

a couple of tunes I am really enjoying this week are
OneRepublic - Love Runs Out recently performed on The Voice Finale
Ed Sheeran - SING which was also on The Voice Finale
KONGOS  -  I'm Only Joking (foul language warning)
Ariana Grande - Problem ft. Iggy Azalea
Mystery Skulls Ghost
Little Mix - Move
Kesha - Blow
Grandmaster Flash - The Message

MercyMe - Move
The Afters - We Won't Give Up
Kirk Franklin - Look At Me Now
Kirk Franklin - Do you want a Revolution

Most tunes were suggested by RunHundred

The 4 on the bottom were found on a youtube Christian music playlist.

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