Friday, May 2, 2014

Arnica Gel and Jumpsport 550 Pro

Just wanted to remind folks of two wonderful products which have kept me MUving besides my MUsic.  Yesterday, I had a painful twinge near the end of my workout in my right lat.  Arnica gel came to the rescue, removed the pain and it never returned.  In the past, a twinge like this lasted for several days or longer.  This morning my whole right shoulder and arm had twinges.  Arnica gel again came to the rescue.  I realized the huge tube from GNC worked just as well as the other brands and saw I could get 4 tubes half priced so ordered 4 tubes this morning.  At half price, these tubes are cheaper than other brands and have 3 times the content.  Here's the link:

The other day when watching some Bellicon videos online, I cringed at how the mats cloned inwards on each foot.  Then I realized I have been workingout regularly barefooted on my Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline 550F Pro without a Plantar Fasciitis flare.  I am REALLY happy I read about PF and rebounder mats before caving for a Bellicon at twice the price.  The bounce on my 550 is perfect for everything but I can make it even firmer if I wanted to adjust the cords which may happen if they should loosen up down the road.  The cords have a much longer warranty period than the Bellicon cords too. True, the removable screwed on legs need alittle tightening every now and then but since replacing one leg which came loose frequently, I only do alittle tightening about once a week.  That is my only complaint.  Otherwise, it is an amazing product.   It is the perfect size and height for my basement workout area.

This morning I did the rest of my edited Fitstix Fusion files then Jessica's Cardio Blast with MUsic added.  Both were great on the bungee and even the stability ball when taking a break.

I had replaced the music with tracks from an exercise dvd so am sharing the file above.  Unfortunately, I believe the original was removed from jessicasmithtv because of its original music :(

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