Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MU videos and Mobile Phones

This morning I did the edited Flat Abs Walk from
*Walk On: Tone Your Troubled Zones* on the bungee and wearing my heartrate monitor watch and was impressed by its intensity.  Then I did a few youtube Zumba Toning routines but while sitting on the ball with Fitstix, staying aerobic.
I set up a playlist on youtube for *stix* videos
The routines I did this morning are currently #'s 10 and 13 on that playlist.

I am still testing the limits on my new LG Optimus and found I can access my Dropbox videos and shows from Verizon but have to be very selective because of its limited memory for apps.  I was so excited about the Dropbox option that I am reorganizing my Dropbox into two separate folders, one for home (bungee) and one for the mobile for traveling.  The Dropbox videos download into the Dropbox cache in the 1 gig internal storage space on the Optimus and can then be played without WiFi but I may download an app that will enable putting them on to the 4 gig card.
To get rid of the Dropbox installed videos, I think I have to uninstall Dropbox or delete the cache files using my laptop or there may be a clear cache option I have missed.  Then again, I can just directly download videos onto the Optimus 4 gig sd card (or the 8 gig sd card I bought for the LG840) LOL
For now the only *installed* app on my Optimus is for SHOwtime so I can watch it on WiFi at the Borgata when needing a break from the slots.  I can easily delete or reinstall Apps as I go.  Luckily, the Borgata has many WiFi hotspots.  Too bad they do not have free wifi in the guest rooms though.  Then again that would keep guests like me in my room and away from the slots even more.

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