Friday, May 30, 2014


I'm back from a trip to AC and enjoyed using my new LG Optimus phone as a tablet. The Borgata guestroom has a huge bathroom with a nice mirror and it was really neat how the audio sounded in the bathroom so I preferred working out in the bathroom area LOL
What's super cool is how I can download a video with the Dropbox app where there is free Wifi then play the video in the guest room which doesn't have free WiFi.

Since the Borgata has alot of WiFi hotspots, I found doing Gmail, Facebook and Youtube better on the Optimus than the LG840.  I didn't mind the buffet lines at all being distracted by the phone.  I am sticking with the LG840 for Tracfone service and music for my outdoor walks because if I switch to Verizon with a CDMA droid phone, I cannot switch back to a GSM phone. Maybe when it is time to buy a year of service for myself, there will be an attractive phone bundle with an even better Android phone.  The Optimus has limited space for apps and was one of the first android phones released by Tracfone.  Hey they paid me $20 to try it!  Seriously, a one year card without a phone would have cost $20 more directly from Tracfone.
There are still some bundles available from this reliable vendor:

However, the cheapest way to add service time when not needing the extra minutes is to add a month online for $10 then supersize the order to include a year of service for $50 more.  This would give the buyer 13 months of service and 30 minutes which would be doubled or tripled on most phones for $60.  So maybe I did pay them $20 for the phone and 800 minutes if doubled to 1200 minutes if tripled.

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