Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Zumba Toning

Since my Fitstix are similar to Zumba Toning sticks, I had downloaded a bunch of youtube Zumba toning routines almost 2 years ago but never visited some of them!  chances are some have been deleted by now but I did find this one still online:

Also found a good playlist which starts with the first routine I did this morning:
This Boy's Fire - Toning Routine - YouTube

Most of the routines have good music and can be done standing, on the bungee or sitting on the stability ball.

I also did alittle of a German Manuel routine to which I had added the Malta Walk MUsic and the result was much like a Hamelin D'abell routine.  Here's a brief sample:

Finished with just a few minutes of the Rain Forest with Gospel MUsic routine before pooping.  Definitely liked it though and will eventually try the whole thing.

ETA: Feel like my *OLD* self this morning and not in a good way.  Lots of aches and brain fog :(

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