Sunday, May 4, 2014

Old and New

OK my *Older and Much Wiser* DVD is at least in my town post office and may get delivered tomorrow so I dared to start my OWW revisits this morning.

For a warmup, I used the new Power Walk Quickie on jessicasmithtv which I had edited to add MUsic and burned yesterday.  It is  a perfect warmup or spark on the bungee and the MUsic I added was perfect.  Here's a link to the original:

Then I also did the Barre Abs on jessicasmithtv and finally revisited the OWW Strength levels 1-2 to which I had added new MUsic and really enjoyed it.  Totally no dread.  I did hold Fitstix through most of it giving it more of an AWT effect.
Finished with alittle TaeBo Chair with MUsic added.  Billy Blanks apparently has uploaded some free youtube vids:

I was reviewing some old posts and came across a bunch of routines from June 2012 I had liked BEFORE adding MUsic so will be revisiting them.  I also found many youtube videos which had been deleted and had to be removed from my blog posts, reminding me not to rely on youtube.  If I like a video, I should download it!!

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