Friday, May 9, 2014

Great MUsic = Great Workout

This morning I enjoyed all three of these routines with Added MUsic:

First up was the Exercise TV Cardio Blast with Amy Dixon:
Great moves on the bungee and the MUsic I added was perfect.

Then the warmup from the Evolution Cardio Flex DVD:
I liked the looks of this so much on youtube that I traded for the whole DVD.  Not wild about the DVD but so love the WarmUp, especially with added MUsic.

Finished with my 18 minute version of the Faithful 30 minute routine:
Really liked the warmup and cardio more than I expected thanks to the added MUsic.

I also did some of Hamelin's surprise routine but lost interest because very repetitious.
I didn't like this enough to even bother to add my own MUsic

I also tried alittle of a streaming video site *The Gymbox* which has a nice selection of routines but much prefer replacing audio with MUsic.  Some cuing and chatter are annoying to me and some unwanted moves are easy for me to edit out when I add MUsic.

For example, Amy's Cardio Blast becomes

or the Faithful routine becomes

Today's Spark was the 1st part of the Flat Abs Walk from jessicasmithtv
whole original video
However it came alive for me when I replaced the audio like in this sample

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