Saturday, May 24, 2014

Visiting Older Burns

This morning I visited some routines I burned a year ago and never tried.  First was some of the URX cardio by Gaye to which I had added MUsic.  Then I did a Les Mills Stretch routine.  Also did alittle of a jessicasmithtv walk but didn't like the audio and will revisit the MUsic only version another day.  Previewed some other routines I may like including RevAbs.

ETA:  Both packages I ordered a couple of days ago arrived today so I have been very busy tinkering with my new toys.  I am happy to say I really liked the Billy Blanks PT24/7 gloves and bands!  I can wrap the foot strap around just a sock and it actually feels like my Futuro Arch supports.  The Gloves are more comfortable than expected and I will not have to grip any bar or handle with my hands which easily go numb.  The workouts seem simple enough to follow that I will be adding MUsic to them instead of hearing the endless counting.

I was in awe of my current LG840 Tracfone which uses java apps so my new LG Optimus Android is a real nice surprise, being so easy to set up for wifi.  I do not even intend to use it as a Tracfone but just as a small wifi tablet.  It is less finicky about video formats and goes to websites I couldn't access on the LG840 like the horse racing site my husband uses.  The videos play slightly larger than on the LG840 and youtube loads much quicker.   The phone was free!  Actually they paid me $20 to get it because the bundle was $20 cheaper than buying a one year card from Tracfone which will be used on my husband's Tracfone in a month or so.   It comes with a 4gig mini SD card and a charger/data cable with a wall adapter.  So now I have plenty of data and charger cables LOL

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