Sunday, May 25, 2014

BB PT 24/7

I mentioned in yesterday's post about receiving the Billy Blanks PT24/7 set and already had added MUsic to the Basics DVD so started my workout this morning with it.  At first I had the straps around my feet over socks then switched to attaching them to shoe laces. Both worked fine.

Then I did some of a virtual walk to which I had added MUsic which I did enjoy.
original walk:

I am having fun with my new LG Optimus but decided not to transfer any of our current Tracfone services to it and to use it just on Wifi, etc.   One day if Tracfone ever gets a service transfer from a GSM to CDMA phone working on their website, I may reconsider.  For now, it isn't worth the stress and my tech phobic husband is comfortable with his old Tracfone.

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