Wednesday, May 7, 2014

OMW and BB

This morning I did my MUsic added cardio warmup, combo1 and combo2 from the Older and Much Wiser DVD on the bungee then some Booya BollywoodX sitting on the stability ball.  I was a bit distracted in the earlier part of my workout session and stopped to reorganize equipment and dvds.  I decided I will replace the Cardio Warmup MUsic I had used because the soundtrack had an annoying and distracting occasional loud click.   The moves worked well on the bungee :)
BollywoodX was Booya's freebie yesterday.
I was desperate to get a video file of it to change the audio so actually recorded the video using my LG840.  The MUsic I added made it alot of fun and the moves are repeated enough so I can tweak them and do my tweaked version.

ETA:  I also recorded today's Booya Flex and Flow on my LG840.   I noticed Freemake Video Converter did not convert the whole audio well so tried converting to MP4 with Handbrake with much better results. So now I know to use Handbrake when converting a video file recorded with my LG840!  I wanted to keep the cuing for the Flex and Flow and prefer the replaced MUsic on BollywoodX.

For a spark besides an outdoor walk, I revisited jessicasmithtv Cardio Core Flow but used my video files with replaced audio.  I wound up doing all 25 minutes!  I had posted the original youtube link the other day but forgot to mention my version had been uploaded to my POMBarb Daily Motion channel.
original link:

my replaced MUsic link:
(I use adblock now so ads on youtube and DailyMotion are way less annoying)

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