Sunday, March 2, 2014

Edited Workouts on DVDrs

Each person is a unique individual which is especially true when choosing how to move and which workout media to use.

Some people prefer streaming workouts.
Some people prefer dvd workouts.
(and even a few like me who still use VHS!)
Some people prefer to just play music and/or freestyle.
Some people prefer to use a treadmill, bike, or walk/jog outside with or without music.

It doesn't matter what your workout or media preferences are as long as you move and keep moving.   I have learned over the years to avoid dread.  There are very few *perfect* workouts for me on dvd/vhs or online so I have learned to edit them to make them more perfect for me by removing the dread and making them more appealing to me.

My workout is the highlight of my day so I do not like to waste that time doing a routine with any dread factor.  Also do not want to waste time fast forwarding through moves I do not want to do. Heck I do not even want to waste time switching dvds so usually use a single dvdr with about 20 different video files on it for several days.  In other words, a single dvdr becomes my rotation for about a week.
I edit out moves I do not want to do, add MUsic which invigorates me, and sometimes remove annoying cuing.
I crave variety in moves and music so do not do the same routine too often even if I lurved it.  I have lots of free time and editing workout videos has become an enjoyable hobby for me.  It also keeps me moving in front of my laptop throughout the day when testing a video.  I share some creations as well as share downloading and burning tips.

Some people do not get why my edited files burned to a dvdr is my choice but hey, I just am not in their streaming camp or *Simon Says* dvd camp either.  Each person has to discover what creates dread and what creates enthusiasm to move.  Follow the beat of your own inner drummer.

Even though we have FIOS and its router hardwired to our HDTV with internet apps in our den, I do not always get a youtube video to stream smoothly.  It is time consuming to set up the stream and fast forwarding can become really tedious. There are video sites that my TV cannot access like DailyMotion and setting up my laptop to stream to the TV is time consuming.   Even if I get a streaming workout working well, I do not like working out in our den and much prefer our basement where I can blast my music without bothering anyone else early in the morning.  I have still not figured out a way to get a bungee into our den in front of the TV without moving around alot of furniture.  All of our other TVs are not HD so I cannot stream to my basement workout area unless I buy a new HDTV and streaming device.

Some people claim streaming a workout video is the only way to move and it is ethically wrong as well as too time consuming to download a video and/or burn it to dvdr.  Some even claim dvds will soon be obsolete. I really feel sorry for folks in the DVD industry that they will soon be out of business and that so many wonderful workout dvds may never be seen by folks who would have appreciated them.  It has been sad enough to see so many VHS and OOP workouts become inaccessible thanks to archaic copyright laws.

This morning's workout was another fabulous combination of moves and MUsic.  I did a couple of my edited Ruthless routines then my edited version of Gin Miller's Intro to Incline Walking which was given away for free several years ago when the Ramp was first introduced.

Gin's routine had really simple to follow moves which could then be tweaked into even more interesting moves on the bungee or ball while holding Fitstix.  I had embedded the original routine on the Tuesday 2/18 blog post from my Dailymotion channel.

As far as downloading or embedding videos instead of streaming them directly from the creator's channel,  most video uploads receive little to no revenue.  If a creator chooses not to share their work for free, downloading and embedding can be disabled. Most just want to share their work and are fine with downloading and embedding.  When I embed a video on my blog, I am giving the original video free advertising and possibly more hits and subscribers!

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