Wednesday, March 12, 2014

PoundFit Review

Yesterday I addressed the Poundfit Rockout Workout set's quality, DVD chaptering, and customer service issues.

This morning I will share some observations that bothered me when trying some of the routines after enjoying my warmup with my edited version of the Advanced Cardio Bounce routine:
The setting is dark.
The chatter is nonstop preventing me from getting into the music.
Except for one male background exerciser, all strikes are done with their right hands.  The male exerciser is the only one who switches the striking arm.
The Doubletimes are unnecessary.
Last but not least, my right lower back/hip is twinging for the first time in weeks after being painfree so will be spending some time on my Sacro-Wedgy before heading for the post office to return the set.  Initially when I first tried some Poundfit on youtube, my right hip complained but that was quite awhile ago and since I enjoyed the Sample Class so much, I had decided to give the set a try.

As ReFitRev has shown recently as well as this Zumba class on youtube, anyone can incorporate drumsticks into a routine:

I work  the whole body and core when I bounce on my bungee or stability ball with my Fitstix.

This youtube user had a couple of routines using drumsticksbut has made them private 

Here's a playlist of Zumba routines using drumsticks:


  1. I like that little YouTube routine. What is the URL? :)

  2. That video is now embedded and will take you to youtube. I also added some other links in the post.