Friday, March 7, 2014

Sharing Video Creations

If you have not yet registered on WellVideo, please use my referral link:

I will continue to share videos I want to revisit on DailyMotion (POMBarb channel) when I believe a video is an OOP or a freely available online routine.
Edited videos because of complicated music rights may be kept private.
Since I mostly use the Chrome browser, I have added their adblock extension which works great blocking the annoying ads on Daily Motion. DailyMotion also has a nice mobile app which enables offline video playing from its cache.

If I want to share a video that I do not want to upload to DailyMotion, 
I can share with dropbox.  Dropbox files usually stay available for about a week, getting deleted as I need space.  The deleted files can be restored to Dropbox within 30 days before permanently deleted.  Dropbox limits traffic so I can only share privately there and request you do not share my dropbox links. I am getting used to the Dropbox android app and really liking it! If I make a video a favorite, I can play it offline on my mobile.  If you would like to subscribe to Dropbox and install their program and get us both space, go to

Google Drive is amazing!
I can send anyone an email with the link to a Drive file where I will be keeping content indefinitely, deleting only when I need more space.  The links open and play quickly and the email can be saved for future use instead of downloading or bookmarking each video.  This will probably be where my favorite routines will be stored so I can do them anytime and anywhere but I am finding Dropbox has nice mobile options as well.

also check out my POMBarb Channel AKA: Bouncin Barb!
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If you want to register, translate the site to make it easier!
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Friend me!

I have recently started storing on and
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If you subscribe to VK or mymail, I will only friend people I know for the more private content.
However, everyone can see the jessicasmithtv edits on

Email me if I know you and you want a friend invite

I also share through toutbox/partageurs (link at right)

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