Tuesday, March 11, 2014

PoundFit Rockout Workout Volume 1

I was very excited that the PoundFit set delivered so quickly but my enthusiasm waned when the first dvd dropped out of the cardboard case.   The black dvd holder had become unglued so the dvd dropped out of the case with the piece of black plastic still attached.   At first, I figured I may just ask for another case but then I worried another case may have similar issues.

So I did a quick viewing of the DVDs and was not thrilled enough to spend $40 on this set.  The drum sticks are not nearly as nice as my Fitstix and the DVDs are not well chaptered.  The 101 instructional is on both DVDs and their Warmup and Cooldown are repeated with each routine.   Since they are not chaptered, I would have to fast forward to the segments I want to do.   About 50 minutes of the 80 minutes excluding the warmup and cooldown are upright/standing.  I doubt I would ever do the 30 minutes of floor/mat.  One routine starts standing then goes to the floor then returns to standing so even more fast forwarding.

I ordered from their store and paid for shipping.
Amazon would have been free shipping (my bad).
Now I am told it was sent through Amazon and has to be returned through Amazon so I have to pay for the return shipping to get a refund since I opened the package.
Hopefully, one or both shipping fees may be reimbursed since the return is defective.
Just alot of unnecessary stress.  Lesson learned.
No more workout DVD buying except from Jessica Smith or other instructors whose work I know I like.

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