Thursday, March 6, 2014

Google Drive

First of all, I have found sharing videos through Google Drive to be faster and easier than Dropbox.  There is no need to download any software.  However, you can do more with the videos if you have a Google account like gmail or youtube and add the video to your Drive.  The videos even play decently on my den dinosaur pc from the Google *cloud* through a player similar to youtube's. I can share whole folders or individual files by links or email. Videos can also be downloaded to your hard drive.
When you receive a share link, you can view the video(s) and/or add them to your Drive account. Adding a shared file/folder to your Drive, does not occupy any of your 15 gigs limit on individual Google accounts.  Just the user who uploaded gives up space for it.

I wanted to share the youtube routines I did this morning as a warmup
First up was

this one was fun

The one I really liked was a 10 minute WarmUp using the songs from POPLove2.  I have used just about all of the songs that were in this routine!  The moves were not as strictly choreographed like most dance routines and most were very bungee compatible. Unfortunately, I can no longer find it online and no point embedding a similar video I found because it will probably be removed as well.  I will keep it for private use only.

My main routine today was by David Kirsch.  I had edited his Core routine on his Ultimate NY BodyPlan.  The music I added and removal of moves I do not do made it much more enjoyable for me.  I sat on the stability ball for most of it and used a purple Zumba stick as a medball.

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