Saturday, November 21, 2015

Leslie Sansone 5 Boosted Miles = GREAT Bouncing!

This morning I did the first two miles with the original soundtrack from the new Leslie Sansone 5 Boosted Miles.  The moves all worked great on both the bungee and the stability ball.  I sweated like crazy but did miss having pumping music so will edit the miles and even the demo which was quite nice.
Most reps are done just long enough not to get tedious. Each move can be done at the starting intensity or boosted.   Having a bungee or ball enables even more levels of intensity.

This dvd may turn me into a Leslie Sansone fan!!!!
(or a fan of Leslie Sansone edited files LOL)

ETA: Sunday 11/22/2015
I did Miles 3 and 4 which were quite intense and loaded with moves that worked well on the bungee and even the stability ball with some tweaking.  Took a peek at Mile5 and it looks like a party-in-a-box thanks to Michael who really jazzes it up.

and don't forget to do the Turkey Trot with Jessica Smith!

my edited version:
Enjoy your holidays, create new memories, and cherish whatever memories you have of past holidays

In my attempt to avoid toxic behavior online, I had put a few VideoFitness members on ignore.
Never realized that while they were lining up to be snarky about my bungees, a few other members actually defended me!  WOW
Guess the toxic behavior was not my imagination if others also identified it.

However,  I have to say that I have much more fun on my cheaper bungees than what I have seen on Bellicon youtube videos.  That is not being snarky, just honest.  Bottomline, it is not which rebounder model you actually use but HOW you use it that counts.
Here is a short sample of my first PROBounce recording.
I prefer to bounce without shoes:

The whole clip can be found on

re-edited with Holiday music on

The website is down for maintenance while adding new features.
Soon these alternative bungees will be available through Amazon too.
I will continue to discuss bungee options in private and objectively because VideoFitness has too much irrational mob mentality against all brands not Bellicon, creating unnecessary stress for those who are in the market for a bungee.

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