Friday, November 27, 2015

Best Thanksgiving Ever!

On a personal note, yesterday was the best Thanksgiving I have ever had. 
Our son who is gay brought his vegan soulmate and everyone enjoyed the food and the conversations.  It is a blessing to see our son so happy and no longer alone.  
Too bad there are so many *parents* who do not put their child's happiness ahead of their phobias.

His partner is Mexican born and raised and he is the only one to learn English so son is trying to learn Spanish before he meets the family.   Partner's family seem to be ok with him coming out as gay but much more upset about his coming out as Vegan!  His mom just needed reassurance he was still Catholic.

(I also guilt tripped as only a mother can do that both need to contact their mothers more often so we will worry less).

ETA: sadly even *good* stress has affected my neuropathy.
However I still enjoyed working out to edited files of new Chris Freytag walks.
I cannot imagine what my physical condition would be without bouncing to music.  

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