Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New Recording!

I recorded a video bouncing on the PROBounce to an edit of a Booya Stamina video but probably did more freestyling than actually following the video.  After warming up, I added foot to hand bands but used the legs of the bungee for anchors.  Then I did some ball bouncing then more PROBounce bouncing and finished with a short cooldown dance.  Actually I did much of the video then decided to record it so I worked out for 40 minutes LOL

I wanted to work out intensely today because I had too much candy yesterday which triggered my chronic pain condition and wanted to de-detoxify.  I seem to workout more intensely when I record.

Several hours later, I am still feeling GREAT!
A real magic bullet workout this morning.
If I could only bottle how I feel and share it.

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