Friday, November 6, 2015

I am who I am

From my first day online and hopefully till my last day, I have given my time, energy and abilities to offer help to people,  It started with a support group for parents of gay kids almost 17 years ago and now continues with support to workout video fans from all over the world.  Along the way, I have been resented by people with emotional baggage whom I have tried to avoid but sometimes too late because I have a chronic *people pleaser* trait.  Some of these toxic people have destroyed what had been built.

I have no ulterior motives other than try to help and make life better for everyone
It is quite stressful to see the destruction of good intentions.

I am not afraid of death other than leaving our younger son alone.
I do not need a false religion to guide me because my heart is good.

I am who I am and know who I am.
Just wish I could stop trying to please everyone and identify a person without good intentions sooner rather than later before they inflict their damage.

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