Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Holiday Bungee Sales

The Costco JumpSport 550 deal is back for the holidays!
sale expires 12/20/15

and now Amazon has it for the same price without the handlebar:

Also the site is back
here is an early peek at their Black Friday sale
sale expires 11/30/15

Personally, I would choose the JumpSport550 because of Costco's return policy and it includes the handlebar.
Wish I had bought mine from them for that lowest price and a handlebar.
Its quality has been excellent and I have the cords adjusted to their tightest tension after 2 years of use because my feet prefer the firmer mat.  Currently, I do prefer the even lower height of the PROBounce in my basement with a low ceiling.

I want to make it clear that the JS550 is 44 inches, slightly lower height and has 6 more cords than their 350/370 model.  Most customers bought the smaller JumpSport before upgrading to a larger Bellicon so cannot objectively compare the JS550 to a 44inch Bellicon.
Costco price is $400
44 inch Bellicon is $600 plus shipping.

PROBounce 48 inch sale is $250 through 11/30/15.
Bellicon 49 inch is $700 plus shipping

I am not aware of Bellicon sale prices for the Holidays.
Amazon may have sales on the smaller JumpSports.

ETA: I just finished my morning workout and feel great!
I used edited Leslie Sansone files but tweaked her moves alot being inspired by the great music.  Time flew and I am still sweating buckets LOL

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