Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Again I am reminded about how many people in the world will just not let others live their own lives.  Houston defeated an anti-discrimination bill and Ohio defeated legalizing marijuana.  Kentucky now has a tea party governor along with their bigoted county clerk.

Whether online or in real life, these bullies just will not let other people pursue their own happiness and it stinks.  What is legal marijuana use in Colorado is illegal in the majority of states.  If the POTUS and courts did not support marriage equality, same gender marriage would not have become legal in all of the states.  So you do not want to smoke marijuana?  Hey I hate second hand smoke, especially cigar stink, yet allow smokers to continue to ruin their health and everyone elses around them in the privacy of their homes.   I am one of the few of the hippie generation who never tried marijuana so have no real dog in this fight.  I am a woman married to a man and see no threat in marriage equality but do have a dog in this fight since our older son is gay.
Shame on religious leaders for promoting hate.
Shame on politicians for promoting hate.
Shame on all bullies who will not live and let live.

In my own small world online, I am constantly feeling victimized by bullies and toxic people.  Why can't people just be happy without trying to make others miserable?  I guess these people are just miserable and misery loves company.  I choose not to be a guest at their pissing contests.  There are lots of wonderful people in the world but it is getting harder and harder to hear them because the not-so-wonderful are so loud.  Just look at the current GOP presidential nominees.  OMG are these the best examples of what the US citizens desire in a leader?

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