Thursday, November 5, 2015

Magic Bullet Hits Target

Yesterday's Alchemy of Motion workout was not energizing because of the screaming and *whooing/whooping* of its instructor so I could not get into the music.  My mood needed elevation because of toxic people online and in the real world.  I have wasted too many workout sessions trying streamed workouts with poor audio quality and screaming instead of cuing so will not be participating in anymore purchases from PowHow Lucy Wallace which are overpriced IMHO. She does not offer a sample to see if the music is loud enough with quiet cuing.  Besides, the routines are repeated alot so why buy duplicates?

However, this morning I, thankfully, had another awesome workout.  Unfortunately cannot share it because the music I used had alot of foul language and the visual was a streamed Oula class.  However, the music definitely fit my mood this morning and enabled me to blow off some steam LOL

WellVideo has been having lots of changes or glitches which may never be reversed or fixed.  It put me back in the mindset of when these changes first started happening.  I need to let go of the past, forgive myself for allowing a deceitful person to influence me, and not let history repeat itself.  I cannot change the behavior of others but can work on my own focus and attitude.

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