Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hexagon Demo

From DailyMotion

BouncinBarb Hexagon MU by POMBarb

moves inspired by Jessica Smith, Tracy Anderson and me LOL

I just watched the video myself and have to say I felt very stable throughout although it looked like I was going to fall a zillion times.

This rebounder reviewer states that the hexagon mat does not invert the ankles like large round bungees:

It really has to be experienced to feel the huge difference between a large hexagon mat and a large round mat.  If and when these Chinese hexagon models are available in the US without ridiculous shipping expenses, they will sell like crazy.

So I have 4 bungees but thanks to discounts,  all 4 cost less than what one 49 inch Bellicon would have cost back when I bought my first one.   With time, I believe most bouncing fans will prefer a hexagon to a large round bungee.  I have no doubts the largest Bellicon would have aggravated my feet and ankles and would have been way too high for my basement ceiling.  I will still be healthbouncing throughout the day on my round bungees but my major morning workout will be on the hexagon.

ETA: edited file on youtube with different music and shorter

BouncinBarb Hexagon demo part2 new MU by POMBarb
part two on DailyMotion

Friday, January 29, 2016

Hexagon Bungee

The hexagon bungee from China arrived this evening!
The directions were terrible with pages out of order, very little detail, and tiny photos impossible to decipher.  However, its assembly was easier than the PROBounce because the looser bungee cords went on comparatively easier than the ultras on the PROBounce.  The hardest part was the handlebar which really needed 4 hands, not just two to assemble.  The handlebar was put on backwards because of a photo showing the knob on the mat side and I may be leaving it that way.  The way I have the two bungees lined up, I can use the handlebar while on the PROBounce so I may like it in reverse LOL

Sadly, it is higher than the PROBounce and possibly the Jumpsport550 but lower than the Jumpsport 350/370.  The mat is looser but has a nice bounce without going airborne and very quiet.

It seems very sturdy and well made so I see absolutely no point in getting the expensive alternative from just to avoid its assembly. * Just skip the handlebar altogether if you prefer LOL also offers a 48 inch round bungee with 6 legs which may be a good choice to save a few bucks too.   Just have to settle for looser bungees than the PROBounce Ultras.

(stay tuned for more impressions after I do a real workout tomorrow morning)
Just got done doing an Alchemy of Motion with Erin on the new hexagon and it is officially my favorite bungee because I had more energy and my calves did not complain so can workout on it longer.  Also the mat has more space and sweet spots.  My bare  feet and ankles loved it. Absolutely no jarring.   I am leaving the handlebar backwards so it is less intrusive and can work with the PROBounce.  It is higher so I like using the handlebar when dismounting.   My head never brushed the low ceiling because I stayed close to the mat but still had good range of motion downwards.  It passed my lymph pumping test with no effort.  Its bungees are smaller and thinner than the ultras on the PROBounce.

It is very stable and sturdy and quiet.  However, I did put vaseline on the frame joints and legs before connecting them.  

It is not foldable as described on the vendor site. The legs are screwed on with actual screws.  The directions give it a 220 pound weight limit and urges not to jump high on it.  Its design is more for ballistic bouncing close to the mat.

This was my first order through ALiexpress which is like a Chinese Amazon and delivery with SF Express and am very satisfied with their customer service

So here are my bungee rankings 
and ironically in the same order as purchased:

40 inch JumpSport 370 PRO = Princess
(still would have preferred a 350 PRO mat)

44 inch JumpSport 550 PRO = Prince

48 inch PROBounce = Queen

50 inch Hexagon = King

Of course if you prefer to spend more for a Bellicon or jumping-studio hexagon that is an option also but again IMHO, it is not which model you buy but how you use it that counts.  Guess I have to do another self-recording to show how wonderful the bounce is on the ibounce Hexagon!

*ETA: the handlebar can make a noise so consider trying the hexagon without putting the handlebar on to decide if you really want it attached.

Alchemy of Motion Soul Sweat

WARNING: If you get the monthly subscription (first month is 50%off), the subscription will automatically renew at full price if you do not cancel it a couple of days before the renewal date!

My Love-Hate relationship with the videos by Alchemy of Motion on PowHow continues.  Most moves are ok or easily modified but sometimes the camera angles are so horrible that new moves can take a few tries to get.  However, the volume of the music in relation to the volume of the cuing is my main concern.

Erin and Tori have become my favorite instructors because their cuing is lower in volume than their music so even if they shout out a *Whoo* it is not nearly as annoying as it is with Misa.  Misa is soft spoken so has her volume up and her loud *Whoo*s are frequent and annoying.  Lucy is louder than Erin and Tori but her noises are more tolerable than Misa's.  I have to try the new SJs because from the little I have done, she seems less crude and more enjoyable.  There is a sprinkling of other instructors but have not connected with any of them yet.

Considering the poor camera angles and and volume issues,  overall their prices are inflated.  $8 per video is ridiculous, sight unseen and sound unheard.  One new video was just 20 minutes and obviously started recording too late.   There was once the same identical routine by Tori with two different titles that could have been bought twice accidentally!

The monthly subscription price with 50% off is reasonable at $25 but totally unreasonable at the full price of $50 considering not that many new videos are added each month.  I can catch up on 3 months of videos in one day since they now enable downloading.

That all being said, I really enjoyed moving with Erin this morning.  Maybe in a year, I will do another month subscription but probably not if full price. LOL

Without samples, the individual videos are not worth more than $3 a pop IMHO.
If the monthly subscription stayed at $25, this site may become much more popular.   The three month subscription may work for those who stream at $50.  They have only sold seven 3-month subscriptions and I know 2 of the customers who bought them and both customers were traveling during their 3 months and did not have access for half of their subscription period.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Why Support Bullies and Toxic People

I do not understand how so many people could support the GOP top candidates for POTUS.
This whole process is becoming a big joke and a very bad one.

Do not support bullying.
Do not support ignorance.
Do not support toxic people.

I feel this way in real life and url (un-real life)

I have seen this too often, toxic people influencing even good people.

I have a few rules I try to keep to feel well:
get decent sleep
get enjoyable movement
eat mostly healthy
and last bit not least
which is getting harder and harder thanks to the media

It is critical for good health to try to keep a positive attitude and toxic people are the worse kind of emotional cancer, creating unnecessary stress because of their own emotional baggage.
Do not carry their baggage!

Instead of watching Trump videos, watch this!
Choose happiness!

ETA: just finished my morning workout which included Metashred WO3 with lots of modifying after warming up with bouncing to some of the cardio in one of the Instructor Live Afrobeats which was great on the bungee.  I do not think I have had a single muscle spasm since adding Metashred every other day!  Instead of cramping, my muscles feel like jelly LOL

I also did some of Jacquelyn Umof's free dance routine but it ended just when it was becoming really interesting LOL

(hope I do not order the plan! already bought alot recently)

Hexagon bungee update:
It is in the US!!!
but still has to travel from Chicago

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Today's Workout

Most of this morning's workout on the bungee and ball was an edited youtube routine from the channel HealthyLifeMoves.

HealthyLifeMoves Cardio Funk MU

The choreo worked very well with bouncing 
and can be a good alternative to a walking workout.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


First the storm killed two out of three tv set top boxes then killed our internet.   Tech was here a long time yesterday replacing everything but the tvs were still not getting a signal.  He finally found the culprit (an old wire outside) this morning so we are good as new or better LOL

Here is a video of our neighbors clearing our driveway because we let them park there during snow storms:

Yesterday I did an Alchemy of Motion with my favorite instructor Erin and hope to still do a Metashred later since I had no DOMS or muscle spasms from my first Metashred.  

(second Metashred got done this afternoon but with lots of modifying LOL)

The hexagonal bungee has left China and is en-route to Chicago.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

New Approach

Since my muscles are very prone to cramping from peripheral neuropathy, I have been avoiding intense resistance training.  However, I decided to try just the first week of Metashred (3 routines) because the instructor BJ Gaddour makes me laugh and see how it affects me.  This morning after doing some bouncing, I did workout one with lots of modifications, doing maybe 1/4 of the total reps.  I really liked some of his kettlebell inspired moves!

Will try workout 2 on Tuesday and workout 3 Thursday then repeat them next week.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Alchemies and Bouncing

The new bungee has shipped and is supposed to be here within 12 days!

Meanwhile, I continued to try some new Alchemy of Motion routines.  Some tunes are great standing on the bungee and others while sitting on the stability ball.   I was really into one of Lucy's this morning till she started getting louder and louder then was screaming *Whoo* too often like Misa was a demon possessing Lucy's body.  Up to that point I was thinking this style was again becoming a favorite.  They are like Nia but with more current tunes.   The screaming started and continued during a tune I did yesterday with little screaming.  Hopefully the next tribal song will repeat in another routine with little screaming so I can enjoy the music.

Tomorrow I am going to add in more weight training after bouncing to see how it will affect my peripheral neuropathy.

(you can find Alchemy of Motion on PowHow and get 50% off your first subscription)

For the first time ever, we could not open our front door because of the snow! so our son went out the side door to clear the front door. During previous bad winters we had an awning over the door which was removed a couple of years ago.

2 out of 3 TV set-top boxes stopped receiving a signal so have to have a FIOS tech come visit.   Probably the snow and wind caused a connection problem.  Thankfully internet and one set-top box and phone still working.

photo of mound of snow covering our car.

All you can see is its side view mirror

A photo dedicated to the person who ruined WellVideo for many

I wish I had recognized her behavior much quicker than finding the word!

and this explains alot of how some people act:

Friday, January 22, 2016

Aliexpress: Another Bungee Vendor

This ibounce model looks like the PROBounce and is substantially cheaper:

However, my PROBounce has 8 legs and this model only shows 6 legs so the PROBounce is probably sturdier.
(or they just do not have an updated picture of their 48inch model and it does have 8 legs like mine?)
Another difference is the PROBounce has 2 different cord tensions while the ibounce just one cord tension.

I am checking out their ibounce hexagon with a handlebar and may order:
The model I am ordering has a max load of 150kg or 330 pounds.

Note: the hexagonal bungee shown on youtube has a single bungee cord and costs $580 with a max load of 120kg or 265pounds.  The ibounce has a set of cords similar to the PROBounce and Bellicon bungees.

ORDERED the ibounce!  LOL

actual charge was under $160 with a $10 off coupon by registering with aliexpress

I love the PROBounce mat and height so am excited to try a new shape and a handlebar by a similar manufacturer since both come from China.

I have said it before and will say it again and again:
It does not matter which bungee model I use but how I use it that counts.

This morning I really enjoyed a new Alchemy of Motion with Lucy.
Its music was AWESOME!
So it was worth subscribing for month for just $25
(half off first subscription)
Alchemy of Motion now enables the downloading of their videos!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Firefox Video Flickering

After being annoyed by video flickering when using the Firefox browser for youtube, I did a more recent search and found a simple fix!!!   The default option for Hardware Acceleration needs to be unchecked.

On my version, using the drop down menu upper right corner:
click on Options
click on Advanced at the bottom of left column
click on General
scroll down to Browsing
uncheck *Use hardware acceleration when available*

Restart the browser
one less annoying factor in my life now gone LOL
(wish others were as easy to eliminate)

This morning I did edited files of Leslie Sansone which were created a year ago and never tried!  They had great music and I found myself tweaking the moves into all sorts of new variations. Even did some while sitting on a swivel chair with wheels that may open up a whole new world of options for me LOL

Be sure to check out my most recent ball routine posted yesterday!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Leslie and Jessica

This morning I enjoyed an edited Leslie Sansone mile on the bungee then an edit of a Jessica Smith ab walk on the ball while holding a purple Zumba weight.  Leslie's Walk Off the Pounds third mile  had some new moves which worked well on the bungee and Jessica's Walk Strong 360Abs was loaded with great moves for the ball.  MUsic I chose for both was GREAT!

I may be recording one or both soon.  Since there are so many options online for rebounding videos, I will probably choose to do just a sitting on the ball routine.   Sitting on a stability ball pumps the lymph and can be tweaked to be as intense as I want it to be without hurting my feet or joints.

Most of my earlier recordings start on a bungee and end on a ball which is how I workout every morning.  The MUsic triggers my endorphins on the bungee and motivates me to continue on the ball when I am feeling less energetic.  This combination enables me to workout at a high enough level for endorphins without exhausting myself.

and here it is! (Jessica's was chosen to be recorded)

BouncinBarb Ball and Weight Abs MU by POMBarb

Remember to use a light weight when bouncing!

Also I just had to share this:
Honesty has always been an important quality to me.   After realizing a *friend* was a pathological liar, I unfriended her.  She seemed to believe her lies!  Or thought I had Alzheimer's and would forgot what she had shared.    (White lies to save a person's feelings is a horse of another color)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

You can Walk or You can Jog

This morning I bounced with edited Leslie Sansone files.  Leslie's moves are easy to tweak and replacing her chatter with music makes it much more fun for me.

Just as you can stand on a rebounder and *healthbounce* same as you can on a floor instead of using its surface for a vigorous lymph pump,  you can walk on a rebounder like you can walk on the floor or take advantage of the surface and do more athletic cardio like jogging.  Tap-outs become jumping jacks. Side to Side steps become skaters.  You can go high off the rebounder or stay low to its surface.  The more you put into every move, the more you will get out of the move.

My Tshirt was soaking wet with sweat when done so if anyone thinks walking with Leslie on a rebounder is not intense enough,  they just need to learn how to tweak the moves.

I forgot to mention that if bouncing makes you feel ill, you need to start with a very short 2 minute session and extend the session as your toxins decrease.  It actually means you are doing it right if it makes you feel ill when first starting!  Do not fall into the habit of light pedaling to avoid this feeling.

Friday, January 15, 2016

You can Stand or You can Bounce

I am enjoying edits of private videos, especially Be360 routines but more for the music I added than the moves that were used.  Though most moves are the kind I use for vigorous healthbouncing.  I do tweak the moves to make them even more interesting and fun.  Add in great music and the workout becomes a party.

I have watched some home-made Bellicon videos which were pretty boring if not tedious and would not be fun no matter what music were added.  There was hardly any bouncing action and I doubt much lymphatic pumping going on.  Again, it is not which model bungee or rebounder you have, it is how it is used that counts. I really see no benefit of standing on a bouncing surface without any exertion.  Anything is better than nothing but I have alot more fun sitting and bouncing on a stability ball or a chair to good music while using my whole body than just standing and pedaling my feet with minimal range of motion on a bungee.  Different Strokes for Different Folks but cannot imagine anyone really having a good time with these videos.  I rather watch grass growing or paint drying.

Even though I have another way of measuring lymph pumping when bouncing (hint: I bounce without a bra),  I held a can of Pringles half filled with rock salt while testing my bouncing moves this morning.   The soft foot pedaling action created absolutely no GForce activity.  However if I made the movement more vigorous by increasing the range of motion of each foot and landing them more powerfully into the mat, it did create some lid smacking without going completely airborne off the mat.  I also duplicated the same action sitting on a stability ball and pedaling my feet.  A healthbounce to be lymph pumping needs to have some GForce action.   Otherwise it is just a nice gentle way to warm up.  Also I would want even a simple healthbounce to be affecting every cell in my body and not just lubricating my feet and ankles so every cell needs to accelerate up and decelerate down.  It is called lymph *PUMPING*, not stirring.

Vigorous healthbouncing to pumping music just makes me happy.
It does not matter if it is on one of my bungee rebounders or on a large stability ball,  I am smiling and having fun.  

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Den Workouts

I am a pack rat and never tossed the power speakers of previous desktop pcs.  Now I am a fan of laptops except for their audio and old power pc speakers really enable streaming or playing video files for working out with nice loud clear audio.

This morning I used a laptop hooked up to our den HDTV through an HDmi cable for working out.  Problem is I had to move our heavy coffee table out of the way to use my JumpSport370 PRO which resides in the den.    It was nice being able to stream everything to the large TV screen but my eyes kept returning to the small laptop screen which actually plays HD better.   Then I hooked up an extra set of power speakers to the laptop and now can workout in the den with my nice loud audio without moving the coffee table or hooking up the TV.   The den laptop has plenty of hard drive space for files and is hardwired to our router for streaming.  Also has a dvd drive if I want to use my dvds.   I may start working out more often in the den and believe Windows10 multitasking screens will enable me to record while playing a video file loudly.

(to be continued another day)

I am unfortunately a victim of statin use and have the symptoms 24/7.
My doctors ignore my condition and there is nothing that can be done for it so am just accepting and living with it, hoping it does not progress.

Monday, January 11, 2016

and the Parties Continue

I so enjoyed the two edited routines I did yesterday morning that I recorded some of them this morning to show how all sorts of workouts can be tweaked and used for bouncing.  Unfortunately, it is hard to see the upper body isometric contractions with the loose Tshirt.


BB Ball BBSFullBody MU by POMBarb

I sweated like crazy and was sweating for a long time afterwards LOL
Doubt I will try to get these on youtube but they are on DailyMotion and WellVideo.  Youtube has just become too unpredictable with its convoluted music copyright policies.  Plus I have a toxic person who has become a stalker trying to get my youtube account deleted and also had a video on DailyMotion removed but at least DailyMotion communicates through sentient beings instead of robots.  (This person is creating so much bad karma that I doubt she can ever be happy in her own skin)

I feel really good so will try to do recordings like these once every week or two in 2016 to drive the intensity higher.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Party in the House

Today's routines were outstanding.
One star was an edit of a combination of ShaunT youtube videos

It was alot of fun on the bungee while holding a purple Zumba stick.
I just love my bouncing parties!
Give me some fun moves and music and it is time to party.
(those who prefer boring routines with cuing are not invited LOL)

Another fun edited youtube routine:
How to Lose Leg Fat

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Rather Party On

I had a disappointment last evening when a friend proved not to be a friend and enabled someone to report one of my unlisted youtube videos so I lost the ability to share unlisted videos on youtube.  As a result, I deleted all of the unlisted videos that would now be made public without their unlisted option.  I probably will not upload any more videos to youtube to avoid future problems.
Been There Done That and youtube is not as friendly as other hosting sites.

I had been through this type of scenario before and each time, it is less stressful.  Long ago I learned not to let events caused by negative people to affect me too negatively.  The longer a pity party lasts, the harder it is to end it.  The lower emotions are allowed to go, the longer and harder it is to reverse their direction.  I have used exercise to lift my spirits and keep them lifted.

I choose to have fun parties rather than take part in a pity party that will do nothing positive for me.  We cannot change the behavior of others.  The only thing we can change or try to change is our own attitude.  Stress is a killer and a negative attitude feeds stress.

(To the person who tried to hurt me, I slept like a baby last night.  Karma will do its thing. Whatever stress drives you to be so nasty will hit you like a boomerang)

There are some wonderful videos on this Revelation Wellness channel:


Also be sure to try Jessica's new freebie filmed in the same location as her new Walk Strong set:

and of course, I could not resist adding music:

ENJOY Partying in the New Year!

Had to share this video of a Bellicon which squeaks more than my PROBounce

also wanted to mention that an owner of a Bellicon recently had her dad order a PROBounce which she said had a similar bounce and was quiet.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Still Here but

I really have nothing new to blog about LOL

I am enjoying new routines and edits on my bungees and Ball and have so many I have loved that I cannot even decide which to possibly record.  And there are more videos being added daily to my hard drive than I will ever even live long enough to edit and visit.

One suggestion I can make is to try Instructor Live.
My favorite series has been their Healthy Heart because of Oldies music.
They play some decent music and their instructors are pleasant.
First video of each series is free and there may even be a free trial offer for all of their videos.  Problem is they are located in the UK (I think?) so I am not sure of how it would work for US fans.

Remember you can visit my bouncing playlists on WellVideo, DailyMotion, and youtube.
Links to all are in the favorite link column to the right.
Come bounce with me!
Come Party with me!
(I may focus on ball bouncing in future recordings to show how cardio moves can be tweaked so there is no excuse not to move no matter how you feel mentally or physically)

Monday, January 4, 2016

Wake Up America!

I am White so I can identify Reverse Racism.

I am a Woman so I can identify Misogyny.

I am a Jew so I can identify Antisemitism and any other religious intolerance.

I am the mother of a gay man so I can identify Homophobia.

I am the mother of an autistic man so I can identify social ignorance.

I am an older adult so I can identify ageism.

I am a driver and passenger so I can identify road rage.

I am a people-pleaser so I can identify bullying behavior and irrational mob mentality.

What I cannot understand is how a toxic person like Trump is getting so much support in the US while the rest of the world is losing respect for the US.
He lies.
He cheats.
His only interests are attention, power and money.

Why did he not use his abilities and money he claims he has to keep America greater instead of trying to destroy everything about America that is great = respecting our differences.

Do not support HATE!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Stop the Insanity!

Hillary Clinton has had her private email account under scrutiny and has been practically water-boarded about it.

Chris Christie has had his political ambitions destroyed by a prank executed by some of his staff.

Trump can say one outrageous thing after another, including outright lies and total disrespect for others and his supporters continue to enable this wacko.  His history is totally ignored including infidelities and bankruptcies.  He is making a mockery of our political system and our country.

What is wrong with the electorate in this country?
How can so many not see how derisive and unsuitable Trump is?

OK so we are talking about a political party that was stupid enough to choose Palin to run as VP but Trump as President makes Palin look like Margaret Thatcher by comparison.

I hope when this nightmare campaign and election are over that I will not be planning to become an expatriate.  He wants to make America great again.  Hello, but America is still great unless he becomes the next POTUS.
People ignored the rise of Hitler.  Does history have to repeat itself?

To the Supporters of this jerk:
what exactly do you think he will actually do to make America great?
Being derogatory to everyone else does not make a bully great.
Roll in the mud with pigs and you will soon be oinking.