Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hexagon Demo

From DailyMotion

BouncinBarb Hexagon MU by POMBarb

moves inspired by Jessica Smith, Tracy Anderson and me LOL

I just watched the video myself and have to say I felt very stable throughout although it looked like I was going to fall a zillion times.

This rebounder reviewer states that the hexagon mat does not invert the ankles like large round bungees:

It really has to be experienced to feel the huge difference between a large hexagon mat and a large round mat.  If and when these Chinese hexagon models are available in the US without ridiculous shipping expenses, they will sell like crazy.

So I have 4 bungees but thanks to discounts,  all 4 cost less than what one 49 inch Bellicon would have cost back when I bought my first one.   With time, I believe most bouncing fans will prefer a hexagon to a large round bungee.  I have no doubts the largest Bellicon would have aggravated my feet and ankles and would have been way too high for my basement ceiling.  I will still be healthbouncing throughout the day on my round bungees but my major morning workout will be on the hexagon.

ETA: edited file on youtube with different music and shorter

BouncinBarb Hexagon demo part2 new MU by POMBarb
part two on DailyMotion

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