Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Still Here but

I really have nothing new to blog about LOL

I am enjoying new routines and edits on my bungees and Ball and have so many I have loved that I cannot even decide which to possibly record.  And there are more videos being added daily to my hard drive than I will ever even live long enough to edit and visit.

One suggestion I can make is to try Instructor Live.
My favorite series has been their Healthy Heart because of Oldies music.
They play some decent music and their instructors are pleasant.
First video of each series is free and there may even be a free trial offer for all of their videos.  Problem is they are located in the UK (I think?) so I am not sure of how it would work for US fans.

Remember you can visit my bouncing playlists on WellVideo, DailyMotion, and youtube.
Links to all are in the favorite link column to the right.
Come bounce with me!
Come Party with me!
(I may focus on ball bouncing in future recordings to show how cardio moves can be tweaked so there is no excuse not to move no matter how you feel mentally or physically)

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