Sunday, January 17, 2016

You can Walk or You can Jog

This morning I bounced with edited Leslie Sansone files.  Leslie's moves are easy to tweak and replacing her chatter with music makes it much more fun for me.

Just as you can stand on a rebounder and *healthbounce* same as you can on a floor instead of using its surface for a vigorous lymph pump,  you can walk on a rebounder like you can walk on the floor or take advantage of the surface and do more athletic cardio like jogging.  Tap-outs become jumping jacks. Side to Side steps become skaters.  You can go high off the rebounder or stay low to its surface.  The more you put into every move, the more you will get out of the move.

My Tshirt was soaking wet with sweat when done so if anyone thinks walking with Leslie on a rebounder is not intense enough,  they just need to learn how to tweak the moves.

I forgot to mention that if bouncing makes you feel ill, you need to start with a very short 2 minute session and extend the session as your toxins decrease.  It actually means you are doing it right if it makes you feel ill when first starting!  Do not fall into the habit of light pedaling to avoid this feeling.

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