Saturday, January 23, 2016

Alchemies and Bouncing

The new bungee has shipped and is supposed to be here within 12 days!

Meanwhile, I continued to try some new Alchemy of Motion routines.  Some tunes are great standing on the bungee and others while sitting on the stability ball.   I was really into one of Lucy's this morning till she started getting louder and louder then was screaming *Whoo* too often like Misa was a demon possessing Lucy's body.  Up to that point I was thinking this style was again becoming a favorite.  They are like Nia but with more current tunes.   The screaming started and continued during a tune I did yesterday with little screaming.  Hopefully the next tribal song will repeat in another routine with little screaming so I can enjoy the music.

Tomorrow I am going to add in more weight training after bouncing to see how it will affect my peripheral neuropathy.

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For the first time ever, we could not open our front door because of the snow! so our son went out the side door to clear the front door. During previous bad winters we had an awning over the door which was removed a couple of years ago.

2 out of 3 TV set-top boxes stopped receiving a signal so have to have a FIOS tech come visit.   Probably the snow and wind caused a connection problem.  Thankfully internet and one set-top box and phone still working.

photo of mound of snow covering our car.

All you can see is its side view mirror

A photo dedicated to the person who ruined WellVideo for many

I wish I had recognized her behavior much quicker than finding the word!

and this explains alot of how some people act:

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