Friday, January 1, 2016

Stop the Insanity!

Hillary Clinton has had her private email account under scrutiny and has been practically water-boarded about it.

Chris Christie has had his political ambitions destroyed by a prank executed by some of his staff.

Trump can say one outrageous thing after another, including outright lies and total disrespect for others and his supporters continue to enable this wacko.  His history is totally ignored including infidelities and bankruptcies.  He is making a mockery of our political system and our country.

What is wrong with the electorate in this country?
How can so many not see how derisive and unsuitable Trump is?

OK so we are talking about a political party that was stupid enough to choose Palin to run as VP but Trump as President makes Palin look like Margaret Thatcher by comparison.

I hope when this nightmare campaign and election are over that I will not be planning to become an expatriate.  He wants to make America great again.  Hello, but America is still great unless he becomes the next POTUS.
People ignored the rise of Hitler.  Does history have to repeat itself?

To the Supporters of this jerk:
what exactly do you think he will actually do to make America great?
Being derogatory to everyone else does not make a bully great.
Roll in the mud with pigs and you will soon be oinking.

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