Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Private Sharing

I have been sharing most video files privately lately so do not have any new public files to share through this blog.  There are so many wonderful edited routines with great music that I just do not know which to choose to record to share more publicly.

Right now most of my workout sessions will be spent visiting Jessica Smith's new Walk Strong set.

Dozens of original and edited files I have not had the time to try will be piling up in the meantime.
Hopefully, I will get back to recording and sharing more publicly next year LOL

Just a quick review of some of Jessica's new set which may be the best dvd purchase I have ever made.  First up yesterday morning was Cardio Party which was nice but the music was too soft so I replaced its audio.  I wound up doing the whole workout again while sitting in front of my laptop last night LOL
This morning was the Interval routine.   I did the first half on the bungee and second half on the ball.  The moves change quickly so I was relying on the cuing more than usual and the music didn't bother me so may never edit it.  It totally wiped me out so next time will follow Mom Debbie LOL  The planks moves can be done upright while bouncing.
Then while sitting on a swivel chair, I tried some of 360 Abs and WOW!  Jessica hit a home run with this routine.  I doubt I would ever try this whole routine in one session.  She has almost every standing abs move I have ever seen and even a few more.  The moves are simple enough to follow that I will replaced its audio and probably split it into 2 separate files.    I am really excited about this set and amazed at not only Jessica's creativity but her generosity at giving her fans so much for free online plus this set for such a reasonable price.
(hint: register your email address to get a special discount code)

My sweatfest with Walk Strong continues.  My favorite may be the Barefoot Fusion Sculpt but still have a few to try.  It just felt so good like Ellen Barrett and other fusions but with lots of new moves. 

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