Saturday, December 12, 2015

Bouncing with Weights

I did a few more edited Be360 files then an edit of a few combined youtube videos, one of which used light weights on the bungee.   It reminded me that when bouncing and using a single heavier weighted object like a medball or purple Zumba stick to keep the weight under 2 pounds since the additional GForce can aggravate joints, especially the shoulders.  Even a playground ball can be used instead of a heavy medball.  I prefer my purple Zumba stick because of its sliding filler when using one weighted object.  When using two weights, I prefer my Fitstix for the same reason.  Sliding fillers are kinder to the joints.

There is the option of going heavier if you are not bouncing and just standing or sitting with no bouncing action but I prefer to keep bouncing either standing on a bungee or sitting on a stability ball when working out.

Here is a sample of one of the routines I did this morning with a special holiday song:

Whole routine is available on WellVideo: 

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