Friday, December 18, 2015

Still Bouncing and Bouncing and Bouncing

I have been enjoying some workouts I had edited awhile ago and never visited before doing more new edits of Be360 routines.  I really enjoyed Leslie Sansone's Walk to the Hits All Time Favorites but with my own oldies soundtrack.  Also enjoyed some Brazilian Butt Lift especially the cardio while sitting on a stability ball.  Also liked the stability ball upright routine but held a purple Zumba stick instead.

Since getting a new temp cap on my cracked tooth, I am eating again LOL

Be sure to visit my bouncing playlists on DailyMotion!
(you tube has some of the routines but not all of the same music)
I may be adding more on one of the bungees or the stability ball soon.  I am surprised that the sit-bouncing on a stability ball seems more popular on youtube and pretty much ignored on Dailymotion so am not sure exactly what my next focus may be.

Meanwhile here is a routine I re-edited with Holiday Music:

BB PROBounce Holiday MU by POMBarb

I am soooo excited about Jessica Smith's new set being released around Christmas.  What a way of actually looking forward to winter.   The set looks and sounds awesome!

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