Thursday, December 10, 2015

More Edited Be360

I am still trying the edited (Bellicon) Be360 files and enjoying them on the bungee and ball but more for their music I added than the actual routines.   Overall, I definitely prefer the gal's style to the guy's.  I can keep in time easily in spite of my low ceiling even with the higher jumps. Both repeat their moves too much so I start tweaking them and it evolves into spontaneous free-styling.  I may record myself doing a few with the awesome music.

I am still enjoying the lower, wider PROBounce mat.   However, the quality and awesome holiday price ($399) for the 44 inch JumpSport 550 at Costco and Amazon would be my first recommendation  because the PROBounce is lesser quality and newer on the market so its customer service may be less reliable.  The 48 inch model current price is $299 but you can try to order through the Holiday special link for $249:

My son has been assigned the task of softening up my very firm JumpSport 370 PRO mat LOL

ETA next day:
I just worked out and a routine by the guy is now my favorite bouncing routine!  The Be360 Stamina&Endurance routine has lots of bouncing variations.  Plus the music I added works for me.  Still prefer most of the gal's routines except for this one.
I can share the edited file with friends.  This video file is so good that there is no point recording myself doing it so probably will not be recording much for awhile.
You can find the original on
and get your first month FREE without giving any credit card or personal information.

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