Monday, December 21, 2015


Many events recently are making me a bigger believer of karma than ever.  Even when bad events have happened, it seems as though they were meant to happen so I could move on if I learn from them.  When a door or window is slammed shut, another always seems to open.

I tend to be quite helpful towards most people who cross my path being a chronic people pleaser.  It makes me feel good to make someone else happier.  When people treat me like a door mat, I remove the mat.  Sometimes I really would prefer to smother them with the mat but that may only help me feel better about their poor behavior for a short time.  I prefer to take the higher road and just to have nothing more to do with people who takes advantage of my good nature.  Heck I even feel sorry for them for losing what could have been a really good friend in their lives.  If people want to think ill of me and strike out, it is their problem and I try not to make me mine.  I am honest to a fault.  Always was and always will be.  I can accept white lies but cannot accept lies to cover poor behavior.

As the new year approaches, I feel it will be a wonderful one.  I have old and new friends who seem to appreciate me.  Our older son has the first real love of his life.   My health issues feel better than they have been.  Even my teeth are giving me the hope that I can continue to enjoy eating LOL

You can focus on the negative or decide to focus on the positive.  Those who focus on the negative will doubtfully ever feel well and may try to make others feel unwell.   That is their problem, do not allow it to become yours.

Happy Holidays!  Hope this makes you smile:

nutcracker danceThe Nutcracker dance you've NEVER seen before!
Posted by Melody Mendez Fox 32 Chicago on Thursday, December 17, 2015

One other thing, this youtube video has some great lower body cardio:

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