Monday, January 2, 2017

Comey The Reckless

Reflecting about the campaign and election.

FBI Comey is probably the most responsible for the outcome. He ignored all of the tRUMP reckless propaganda in Tweets and rallies and called Hillary's handling of emails reckless and released that ridiculous letter.
Comey enabled tRUMP to become the POTDS.

Enabling bullying behavior and escalation of hate will make our country less safe for everyone.
tRUMP is an idiot and unprofessional but Comey is a professional and ruined our country knowing better.
His incompetency adds to the tRUMP rhetoric of not trusting our intelligence professionals.
If anyone was reckless, it was Comey.

Since Comey was reckless, it is time to have a full investigation on tRUMP's businesses, income, and his relationship with foreign countries. There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of confidentiality agreements that need to be broken. tRUMP often cannot produce the court ordered documents in law suits because he wipes his slates clean every year so the intelligence community has quite the challenge to do what already should have been done before the election instead of wasting time on the Clinton emails. Start digging!

Hey tRUMPsters, this is what y'all should be saying:
if the FBI thought Clinton's emails were more important than the Russian hacking, why trust their intelligence briefings now?

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