Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year with New Options

Lee Holden's 30 Day QiGong Challenge is unlocked up to Day 23 for me:
$27 for 30  seven minute routines unlocked one day at a time.
You can access 5 days of videos by signing up for the free mini course here.

Here's the link to the full 30 day challenge.

I am staying subscribed to Sister Fitness VIP which offered 3 new videos today for January.   This morning, I did their March 2016 30 minute routine which was thankfully, music only.  It kept me bouncing for 27 minutes before the cooldown stretch.  These are still my favorites for simple fun moves and great music.  The new monthly videos added on the first of the each month are completely random.  I am afraid if I unsub for a month that my new subscription would repeat videos I already tried.  If the new ones start feeling too repetitive, I may then unsub.

2 newer offers arrived in my mailbox:

Faithful workouts is offering a 31 day challenge and 3 free workouts for each day.

Leslie Sansone Walk at Home has an interesting offer

(more later as I investigate)
Adjusting my power speakers to be high on the left and low on the right made the Sister Fitness January 2017 CardioBlast music louder or even music only.  If I had not discovered this trick, I would have unsubbed last month!  Cuing drowns out the music and it is the music that keeps me subscribed.

The Faithful Workouts are wonderful with great Christian music but my problem is her voice annoys me and cannot be lowered by my speaker tricks so I have no choice but to try to ignore the irritation or edit it and lose the original music.
I did a Faithful F3 Low Impact file which I had edited a couple of years ago to remove the cuing and replace the audio with some of the tunes used in the Faithful workouts.
Also found a nice Walking workout on the January Challenge freebie calendar.

may share the edit or a sample later

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