Monday, February 27, 2012

My Bad

Yesterday I had mistakenly done Dance 15, not Dance 14 of the Barefoot Dancer downloads. So it is Dance 15 that has alittle pixilation before the stretch, not Dance 14.
This morning I did Dance 14 after warming up on the bungee to Core Rhythms and doing the 5 minutes of standing Ab work while holding a homemade XCO trainer with the PeakFit Challenge Core Dynamics. Wish the whole Core Dynamics dvd were standing abs though the mat abs looked challenging for those who like them.
Overall, I think I found Barefoot Dancer's Dance 14 more rigorous than Dance 15 so it was a good thing to switch them up since I had alittle more recovery today from the virus that has wiped me out for 2 weeks.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

More on the Barefoot Dancer Download

I was just checking the themes of the clips and found two videos were identical: Dance 1 and Dance 18. This may be a good thing since Dance 1 has been downloaded alot and folks who may be too late to get it can download Dance 18 instead.

Here are the themes:
Dance 1 Magician (same exact workout as Dance 18)
Dance 2 Winter
Dance 3 through 7 are Warrior
Dance 8 through 13 are Mother (note 11 was a repeat and removed)
Dance 14 through 18 are Magician (18 = Dance 1)
Dance 19 Express
Dance 20 through 23 Child
Dance 24 Water (I still have to check my Water dvd to see if this is on it)

hope that helps in deciding which files to download.
Themes do overlap in their movements a bit.

ETA: I found Dance 24 was on the Yoga Dance Water dvd so deleted the file from the download list. Also was able to edit my description of the download to explain the deletion of Dance 24 as well as suggesting Dance 18 when the identical Dance 1 file becomes depleted.

The good news is that there are now 21 different files so you can burn 3 dvdrs with 7 episodes on each, leaving out the Dance 1 or Dance 18 episode duplication.
If you do want to burn dvdrs of the episodes, I recommend Freemake Video Converter for its speed and simplicity.

Barefoot Dancer Filemail Download

This morning I did what was #14 of the Barefoot Dancer download which had a Magician theme and some nice moves. There was alittle pixilation right before the break that precedes the stretch. The stretch ended with a sinus massage which I greatly needed since still recovering from the nasty cold.

Another use for!

I found a video on my old puter that I wanted to copy onto my new laptop. Yes, I could have copied it onto a blank cd or tried to use FIOS media manager or maybe a Windows network option even though our network software was already corrupted on our old puter but figured to use which was alot easier. As long as I was doing the transfer through filemail, I was able to share the video with a few friends which was a nice extra bonus.

So I tested using on my over 10 year old puter with Windows XP and found thanks to our FIOS internet, I could download video files, upload video files and play them on our ancient puter. NICE :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Losing Weight though Muving less

I did about 10 more minutes of Core Rhythms and about 15 minutes from Power Aerobics while holding Fitstix which is mostly very simple kickboxing but with decent music. Did some of both on rebounders. Pooped with both within minutes so not fully recovered yet. At least I broke a sweat. May do a spark later if feeling energetic.

In spite of not exercising much, I have busted through my lower plateau weight again because of eating less since I cannot really taste food. Will be interesting to see where my weight and measurements will go once fully recovered.

I really wonder if I will ever attempt any of my more intense workouts again. My joints overall have been feeling better and think I am looking pretty darn good for the age of 62 (actually, 63 in one month). Maybe I will limit myself to a few intense intervals, like one or two blocks from PeakFit10/PeakFit Challenge one day a week.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Barefoot Dancer Filemail Download

I did feel alittle better this morning and already have done 2 sparks. First was some Core Rhythms while standing on the bungee. The Second was the rest of Tuttle's Spicy Latin Workout which I had started yesterday. I really love the music only option in Tuttle's workouts because she is quite creative in the moves and offers darn good music but her voice can be annoying. Plus, the moves and music work very well with Fitstix.

Because I have blogged about, they offered me a free one year Premium membership which means I can upload larger files, allow more file downloads, and keep the files available for more days. To celebrate and to test the Premium account, I am uploading some of the Barefoot Dancer TV routines.
Each can be downloaded individually or all of them in a single zip file. As far as I know, these workouts just aren't available anywhere to purchase and are not on the 3 Yoga Dance dvds released several years ago, except one with a Water theme may have been on the Water dvd with two other Water focused workouts. How I wish I could acquire the other 30 or more episodes but unless there is somebody in Canada who had recorded them over the years, there really is no other source.

Here is the link for the Barefoot Dancer file downloads good till4/1.
this link has expired

Feel free to share this link with others who may enjoy these workouts.
A couple of episodes have alittle pixilation but otherwise decent quality.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Still Recuperating

I tried to workout this morning but the lack of energy and lightheadness before the workout, increased during the attempt. I did like the music only and moves in the first 14 minutes of Susan Tuttle's Spicy Latin workout but will have to wait till feeling better to enjoy it.

Biggest Loser is the Loser

This season of the Biggest Loser became a very ugly social experiment. It is all over the internet.
I have never seen so many fans of a show feel the same way.
Many are calling for a boycott of the sponsors.
The casting of this show was part of the problem but everyone involved in the show seemed to want to promote this *drama*.
The editing seemed to want to show this nastiest side of the contestants.
The trainers have even become part of the train wreck.

This type of behavior has been on other reality shows.
(Russell on Survivor being the most obvious).
This type of behavior has been shown in the past on even The Biggest Loser (Vicki and Heba) but not to this extent where the mob mentality, sense of entitlement, lack of empathy, and bullying has become so rampart.
This scenario was allowed and promoted from the first week when Conda sent the guy home who said something about her brother she didn't like. Imagine how Ms. Santa has been treated this whole season. She wanted to go home almost from the beginning and tried to mend fences with the immature males on her team but was treated with total disrespect. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how emotionally broken the bullies are and this show should have tried to mend them to enable successful weightloss and should have protected their victims.

Wonder how it will feel when these people go home for real and see how disliked they were. Hope they find the psychological help they need to become healthier, mentally and physically. Scarier yet, a couple of the worse of them are already young parents and their children will be affected. Moreso, hope the people who were there for the right reasons continue to be successful.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MUVing more again

Although I was eating more empty nutrition than usual, I actually lost a pound because I was eating less overall since I couldn't enjoy the taste of food, just how it looked and tasted from memory. Lot's of soup, breads and chocolate. I did have fruit too. In AC, the one thing I tasted and really enjoyed was a red velvet cupcake LOL
Somehow the cream cheese icing just clicked.

This morning I attempted my first real workout in over a week. I didn't do much but I did break a sweat. All routines were downloaded from the internet.

First I warmed up on the bungee to a clip of Anna Benson's Just Right Cardio. Anna was one of the creators of The Firm and FitPrime. I may actually trade for or buy this dvdr because of its music since I really like her previous Just Right Cardio and Weights. This dvdr routine was burned from her computer and just recently made available since her passing.

Then I did the standing abs from Kathy Smith's Tummy Trimmers.
Next the Envy Girls warmup and some of the short Envy Girls Abs routine while holding a homemade XCO trainer.
All of the above worked my whole body, especially the core while standing.
May do a spark later depending on how I feel.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rotten Week almost over

My virus is in its final days.
Having my taste diminished because of this cold and meds (dry mouth from night time Tyenol) has been even more annoying than not workingout.

I love food and really think a realistic healthy weight is about finding what weight feels good and can be maintained without feeling deprived as far as food choices. In other words, my focus has been on not gaining weight rather than losing weight. Finding that sweet spot (plateau) and accepting it is a lot less frustrating than trying to get to an unrealistic weight for me. It seems as though I have found a new lower plateau since we are eating healthier overall but I still have my treats, chocolate being one of them.

Still no workout but plan to do something light tomorrow.
I did get some walking in while in AC yesterday and jointwise, my knee feels fully healed so maybe this virus was a good thing forcing me into needed rest days.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Revel Resort AC, mostly expect Rants

A new casino resort is coming to AC this Spring called *Revel*, thanks to our BIGoted Governor's financial support which makes me feel less like supporting Revel's business.
At first, it sounded great because they were going to be smoke free.
However, their latest announcements, leave me wondering about their positive influence on AC.

Many older regular AC patrons like us lost a home with CET after their lack of enforcing a smoking ban, increased catering to a younger and rowdier crowd at night, decreased comped offers, and suddenly charging for Diamond Lounges admission while food quality continued to diminish. Some, like us, found a new home at The Borgata where upgrading to Black Label became the best of the CET Diamond benefits. Others have been waiting for the opening of the Revel, mostly because of its boardwalk location. A boardwalk location without access to and from the boardwalk? They think people will be satisfied with the view from the windows but on a nice day, how about fresh air and sunshine? Also it will be uncomfortable walking to and from wherever the entrance will be from the boardwalk because the neighborhood isn't exactly tourist friendly. Guess it will help the jitney profits. Otherwise, Revel will have the same disadvantage as The Borgata being just an AC brand instead of a national one like CET.

OK no smoking sounds good but no buffet sounds bad to AC regulars. Being Black Label, we love being able to eat at The Borgata buffet for just $10 of comp each for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Comp dollars accumulate much quicker at The Borgata than at CET casinos. For dinner, we can eat at The Amphora Lounge instead for a different ambiance. Diamond players cannot eat at a Diamond Lounge until 2PM most days and the food quality does not even come close to Borgata's.

The only entertainment announced initially by the Revel has been a Burlesque club. AC already had plenty of hookers in their casinos at night and a Burlesque Club may be offering even more business for them. More recently, they are presenting a day time pool drinking and bikini club atmosphere. Bad enough, The Pool at Harrahs goes this route at night. Revel may be finding drunk young adults partying all day now. Hopefully, they will give them rooms away from other people trying to sleep at night. Oh and they are going to have barely clad girls hanging from the ceiling over gambling tables?? Way to keep middle aged women playing slots while their husbands watch these gals.

I am not seeing much for the older AC regulars in their lineup except the complete smoking ban which will hopefully be upheld. The Borgata cannot even enforce the partial ban and the smokers seem to know it and abuse it more and more. In a way, I am glad that what Revel seems to be promising will not tempt us away from The Borgata but I was hoping that they would cause enough of a threat to keep The Borgata as generous as it has been. After seeing CET throw away its AC Diamond players, I worry that one day The Borgata will do likewise without any competition. Revel's timing would have been perfect to provide a home base for the disgruntled Diamond players but they are refusing to have a tiered player's card. Maybe the people who changed the AC CET Diamond Lounge policies found employment with Revel.

Morgan Stanley let their first billion go, not to risk another billion to complete the project. Wish I could buy insurance for when The Revel bonds become worthless like some had bought mortgage insurance before the real estate and bank crash, even without having a specific mortgage to insure. There is probably core of investors waiting for The Revel to go bankrupt so they could buy it really cheap.
Somebody will get rich off this fiasco but not the NJ taxpayers.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Finally Feeling Better

My cold/flu or whatever is definitely entering its final stage and I woke up without feeling feverish for the first time this morning since Monday. Just very sore from coughing which has been way less today than yesterday. I almost feel like I could workout but will give my system another day of rest.

As far as our BIGoted Governor vetoing marriage equality in a state filled with mostly openminded individuals, I am confident his political career is now over and couldn't even win the support of his home state if he made a run for a higher office. All court decisions have found gay marriage bans unconstitutional so it is just a matter of time that the religious homophobes will have to find another egg to fry. Wonder which minority they will next target to fill their coffers.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Gov Christie Rant

So our gluttonous governor is planning to veto the marriage equality bill which sailed through our state legislatures. Meanwhile, he gave state funds to the new Revel Atlantic City resort which will be having a Burlesque show. Maybe that will mean less hookers hitting on DH on the casino floor? Love religious hypocrisy.

Darn It

As much as I tried to avoid exerting myself to get over this cold ASAP, I have now entered the dreaded coughing phase which DH had skipped. Being sick really does suck. I probably will stop posting till this cold plateaus LOL

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Yes Another Rest Day :(

Cannot believe how a simple cold has wiped me out. Last time I had a bad cold was about 18 months ago. Oooops make that 30 months ago! August 2009. Wow how time flies. Guess that is better than having a cold each winter that lasted the whole winter when I was sleep deprived most days before retiring. I will be adding in some healthbouncing today to get my lymph pumping.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another Rest Day

Still feeling sick.
I am determined next year to get a flu shot because this cold has reminded me how rotten it is to be sick!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another Rest Day

Hopefully, the worse of this nasty cold will be over tomorrow.
May do something very light later today.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Best Laid Plans ...

Well I woke up with a killer sore throat so cancelled our AC reservations this week. Just hope I do not get as sick as DH and DS were. Weather was also iffy so just as well. Wouldn't be right to be inflicting my germs on all those other people so will stay home where sick people belong. Skipping my workout this morning even though I am feeling ok energywise except for the sore throat, knowing tomorrow it may be a much worse scenario.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Still Muving lighter

Even though I have so far fought off the family virus, I woke up way too early today because of the loud wind gusts during the night. I warmed up on the bungee with a gentle healthbounce then did a Barefoot Dancer. Tried to do a few other things inbetween and after but just had no energy. It amazes me I even did the Barefoot Dancer! Goes to show how wonderful these routines are. On the plus side, considering how chilly it is, my joints aren't complaining and I do feel some mild DOMS.

ETA: I have been doing some searches on youtube and if you search for (Lionsgate) BeFit, there are a bunch of workouts by Kathy Smith, Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, etc. If you search empireofdenise, there are over 400 videos of Denise Austin. Earlier I redirected the antennae on my FIOS router and now seem to be getting a stronger signal on my laptop.

Just did this Kathy Smith Standing Abs routine as a spark and it was really good!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

MUVing alittle Lighter is Just Right Today

Since DH had a cold and now DS, I am trying to keep my immunity strong so muving less intensely. I started with a Barefoot Dancer then did *I Am* and *I Can* from Kacy Duke's dvd then finished with a light healthbounce on the bungee.

Vizio Power Reset

I had read this Power Reset tip online so I tried it after the VIA (Vizio Internet App) froze our TV 2 days ago and have not had a problem since. Then Vizio support also suggested it.

Here are the directions:
turn off the TV
unplug the TV
hold the TV's power button in for 30 seconds
replug TV and turn on
(support said to replug in a different electrical socket but we didn't)

Another option is to reset the VIA DOCK to default settings:
Press VIA button on remote
Highlight My Profile (lower left corner), OK
Highlight System Settings, OK
Highlight Restore Factory Settings, OK
repeat x2 *Highlight Restore Factory Settings, OK*
and wait 5 seconds for TV to restart

The last option is totally resetting the TV:
Under Setup or Help
Reset all settings
System reset
Select *Clear Memory*
parental override 0000 or 1234 default codes
then complete the initial setup of the TV

Friday, February 10, 2012

Same Routine but loving Vizio HD TV

This morning,I did a similar routine to yesterday's, warming up on the bungee then some PeakFit10 Cardio Strength then a Barefoot Dancer (may post a short clip of it later) and finished with a Classical Stretch.

After having a VIA app freeze on our new Vizio HDTV yesterday, we tested the system by renting a free HDX (1080P) movie from Vudu which ran impressively without a hitch. Really enjoyed *Real Steel*. Much better than most fight movies IMHO.

Here's the Barefoot Dancer clip.
Not her best music but some real feel good swimming moves.

Homophobia Rant

I just do not understand how homophobia is tolerated and promoted in this country. How can politicians, especially those aspiring to run for President be so openly biased? How can anyone involved in public speaking and public office be so biased? Publicly promoting hate and ignorance just shouldn't be tolerated. Teachers have learned that their personal beliefs shouldn't affect how they treat their students. Politicians need the same sensitivity training. You are being paid by the taxes of all citizens and should serve them equally. If you are unable to do that, find another career path.

EVERYONE in this country has the right to the pursuit of happiness.
If you do not want to marry somebody of the same gender, DON'T!
Do not deny this right to those who do.
Do not treat GLBT citizens as second class citizens.
Do not try to push your personal beliefs on to those who do not agree with them.
That is not the American way.
That is not the way human beings should treat one another.
Choose love and tolerance over hate and ignorance.
Make the world a better place for everyone.
Shame on those who use this irrational fear of homosexuality to hurt other human beings. Using taxes to pay public servants promoting hate really should become unconstitutional.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A New Day

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to three of the sandrinhajumpbsb rebounding videos on youtube which had decent music but tweaked their moves alot to work both sides equally. Then I did the rest of Your Best Body Circuit and a Barefoot Dancer. Finished with some Classical Stretch.

Really love all of the workouts I have gotten recently, including online downloads. Just do not know if I will ever get to do them all!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Loving Barefoot Dancer

Past two days, all I have done is about 15 minutes on the bungee to Bellicon online workouts. This morning after two stressful days thanks to Verizon's lack of communication and information about activating our HD set top box, I finally got a decent workout.

I warmed up with more Bellicon online workouts and did some kickboxing while holding light homemade XCO trainers then did half of Your Best Body Circuit and finished with a Barefoot Dancer. The whole time I was doing the Barefoot Dancer, I was smiling.

ETA: It is so reaffirming to see the judicial and legislature of states being in support of marriage equality. Cannot leave this civil right in the hands of people who cannot separate their personal religious beliefs from equal civil rights for all.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Verizon Rant and Rave

Well everything was working great last night and early this morning then boom, our FIOS TV signal disappeared on our new HD set top box. From what I could tell, they were attempting to reactivate our new set top box again for some reason and failed. Finally, 2 hours later, a tech got it going again.
Being very frustrated by the lack of information about our new set top activation and failures, DH spoke to a customer rep explaining what we have been through and added how frustrated we are when we see new customers getting much better offers than we did plus our rate has been increased. So after some back and forth we were offered a fantastic deal of all of the Premium movie channels for $10 a month for 6 months then another 6 months at $20. Very Happy Camper because we liked alot of the series on different channels and had already seen most of their movies.
Was not going to accept a different offer of a free dvr for another bundle for 2 years at $10 more a month because basically, we would be paying for the dvr and would have to go through another reactivation!
So Verizon keeps our business for at least another year and gets alittle more $$ from us. Everyone is happy.
We are also getting $16 off our next bill ($6 for the set top box and $10 for frustration LOL)

DS Rant and Rave

We have an older son following his dream of living and working in the UK.

We have a younger son who has no dreams or motivation.

The younger son has had hearing problems when younger, OCD, and learning disabilities but still graduated college with honors. He is classic Asperger's Syndrome but never was officially diagnosed because his evaluations were done before Asperger's became a part of the Autism umbrella. He has a heart of gold, a wicked sense of humor, and no life. No real social life and no career and cannot have either of these things till he wants them.

Yet he is absolutely brilliant in many ways.
Yesterday, he found 3 different ways to get youtube videos on to our new HD TV!
I am pretty tech savvy for an old broad but he usually pulls a rabbit out of the hat everytime I hit an obstacle online. He doesn't even realize how absolutely capable he is of being a very valued employee for any business using the internet/pcs.

I still have the hope that he will want more from his life and will pursue a more fulfilling life. But for now, he seems happy and maybe my dreams for him will never become his own. Being there for him for as long as I can has been my motivation to move more and eat healthier. Ironically, his OCD has been focused on exercise and eating healthy for almost a year now which has affected my own food choices which in turn, have ended my plateau.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Verizon, love em and hate em

After finally getting the new Vizio HDTV and Internet Apps up and running yesterday in spite of a terrible quickstart guide, Verizon proved today that some manual was better than none.

We went to a Verizon store to exchange our standard definition box for a HD box. I was expecting from previous info online to get a cardboard box with a remote, HDMI wire, instruction heets and silver colored set top box. First the guy at the store tried to sell me a $20 HMDI wire which I refused cuz believed it was supposed to be included and figured I would get a better deal elsewhere. He doesn't give us any information written or verbally and the little black set top box he gave us looked nothing like the ones shown online. We did get a card giving us a web address for an online manual but the web address was a dead end and nothing like our little black box was there so I googled its model number and found it but no FIOS related information, just how to wire it which was obvious. Anywho, I hook it all up and nothing happens. The little black box just sat there quietly not responding to anything so I call the store and am told I interrupted the activation process pressing the power button and should call the number for activation on my receipt. Was on the phone for 30 minutes with the person answering the activation number, giving her all sorts of info and then she says it'll take an hour and a tech will call me. In about an hour, I call again and go through the whole question and answer routine again and am told another hour. Meanwhile she explains they stopped giving the customers the cheap HMDI wires because of complaints so now sell the pricier ones. So I figured to wait and see what happens before running out to Walmart for a HMDI wire. Finally, 3 hours after bringing the little black box home, it starts doing some stuff on our tv screen and eventually it is working. The tech calls soon afterwards and advises us of the benefits of the HMDI wire so off to Walmart we go. Walmart's price started at $19 but the clerk there said they had cheaper ones that received so many complaints that they had them removed from their inventory. So I figured I had enough consumer grief and didn't need a faulty wire like Verizon used to giveaway or Walmart used to sell and bought the darn thing. Finally, something happened right and the wire was fine. Everything looks great, even the standard definition channels which are now on a larger screen without distortion.

Ironically, something the techs did during activation of the HD box froze another set top box in another room but luckily, just unplugging it and replugging it unfroze it.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Vizio HDTV with Internet apps

Well today was the day we finally went shopping for a new TV for our den, even though we do not have a FIOS HD box yet for the Superbowl game. We'll probably bring our old box in for an exchange at a nearby FIOS store tomorrow rather than wait for a UPS delivery. Luckily, we are getting a great picture with just standard definition. XBOX360 plays well on it as does my cheap dvd player.

Our old tv developed a weird line a couple of inches across the top and was getting worse, not better. At first, I was going to get the Vizio without internet apps but it was just $50 more for the internet apps and DS was thrilled with the apps, especially some PBS offerings and a load of Anime. Down the road, I may try Netflix or Amazon Instant Watch again too.

Hardest part was trying to get the FIOS signal to work till we realized we had to let the TV scan the channels. This was in the online version of the manual but not the express setup manual that came with the TV. Luckily, DS figured it out before we returned the thing!

Earlier this morning, I did some of the Peak Fit Challenge Anywhere workout, Kacy's *I Do* chapter and the rest of the free Nia Class I had downloaded with RealPlayer.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kacy Duke Dvd Breakdown

This dvd can be ordered from Kacy Duke's website:

The setting is all white.
Kacy and the student are in all black and stand out very well.
Music is pleasant.
Moves are mostly functional Strength but do get the heartrate up.
Each Chapter has more intense moves than the previous.
Kacy suggests doing 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps each
You can repeat the chapters however you want but have to return to the menu each time.

First Chapter
*I Am*

*Show Some Love* warmup plies contracting abs and arms then everything opens
*Warrior 1* Knee Raise into back lunge using a dowel for support
*Duke Curtsy* curtsy lunge
*Flip Squat and Press* Squat and flip dowel up then shoulder press
*Side Bow* Lift leg to side while bending upper body towards leg (chair for support)
*Push-Pull-Kickback* dumbells pushed forward then pulled back then triceps kickback
*Open with Purpose* lift dumbbells forward then open to a T then close forward & down

Second Chapter
*I Can*

*Warrior 2* Knee lift-back lunge-back leg forward alittle to stand-Arabesque
*Side Staff Bend* side bend and wide squat with dowel overhead
*Inner Thigh Toner* side lunge
*NY Booty Lift* one legged deadlift but in a lunge position
*Fuel to the Fire* Alternating biceps curls but kept in the contraction
*Open with Strength* Shoulders to L position then T then the alternating L position

Third Chapter
*I Do*

*Goddess* legs wide, Dowel overhead bend to one side, flip hands & twist to other side
*Lift It, Love It* Lift medball and knee into side lunge, Lift again into a curtsy, twisting ball towards back leg
*Master Blaster* With flat back supporting body forward on chair,
do 8 times each
Back leg lifts, back donkey kicks, side kicks then side flicks
*Heel Click Plie* Wide legs, hands clenched shoulder height, jump up and click heels
*Double Bi* palms up curl then lower and rotate out and curl
*Open with Power* lift straight arms up with palms down, rotate palms in, then out to the sides and return

Kacy Duke dvd and free Nia class

I wanted to repeat the link to the free Nia class online because I did the first 16 minutes of it after the beginning chatter this morning and found quite good
Muscle Awareness, also called Zensations.

So this morning I started with the online 10 minute Bellicon Advanced workout on the bungee which was a better routine than the longer ones IMHO. Then I did the first two of three chapters on Kacy Duke's dvd. It is mostly functional strength but I liked the pace and there were some tweaking of older moves so may be a keeper inspite of being overpriced for ~35 minutes. Will do a breakdown in another post.
Finished with the free online Nia 16 minutes mentioned above. Debbie was next doing planks and I am not a plank person.

Friday, February 3, 2012


A great way for me to sneak in a spark is to open a downloaded file on my pc and just do it. Here are two I just did thanks to youtube. The first is a Zumba inspired chair routine, actually there are three of them by the same guy Paul from FitNice, wearing a blue shirt that I fused together:
You can find the other two in the right column on youtube.
Also read more about FitNice which brings fitness into the corporate setting (or anywhere else) at

The second routine I did was a dynamic stretch

Unfortunately, do not know more about this program because of the language barrier.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Knee much better

This morning I did the rest of the Bellicon Adv workout but did it my way LOL
Then I finished Gin's Power Abs and started her Fitness Roller dvd (like a foam roller but made like an air filled stability ball). Really liked its warmup!
Finished with the rest of Tantric Toning.

The rest of the day will be chairdancing at the pc with Freemake's Music Box.