Saturday, October 31, 2015

Move Tube

There is a new youtube channel called Move Tube

It is great to see the Blanks family reunited

Some Observations

I believe I finally found the perfect formula for myself, starting a workout session with a ~10 minute routine and music I know that will get me bouncing whether on a bungee or stability ball then switching to a routine that may need more tweaking to keep me interested for about 30 minutes on and off the bungee and ball.  Ironically, my favorite warmups have been the videos I had recorded!  They all seem to include my favorite tunes and moves so there will be more coming,
This morning the warmup got my heartrate up and then the longer less intense routine kept my heartrate in a lower zone but still aerobic.  The more into the music I am, the higher my heartrate.

People keep asking me what I think about my bungees.  Most who can afford a Bellicon will go Bellicon but with no guarantee that they will love it or even use it to its full potential for fun.  Bottomline, it is not which bungee you buy but how you use it that counts.  A Bellicon may look more impressive but I guarantee few Bellicon owners have more fun than I do every morning or actually bounce as much as I do daily.  I know I would have way less fun on a Bellicon in my basement, worrying about hitting my head on the ceiling.  Just the smaller difference in height between the JS550 and PROBounce made a huge difference for me.  Also if you do not intend to bounce barefooted, I doubt you would use a Bellicon to its full potential.  Wearing shoes greatly interferes with my fun.

Someone asked me what was the main difference between the 48 inch PROBounce and Bellicon.
My response was *about $500* LOL
I do not own a Bellicon and see no reason to own one for $500 more.  Second main difference would be the Bellicon is a couple inches higher.  I can do what I want to do on the PROBounce and without hitting my head on our low basement ceiling.  I have received snide remarks for comparing the major  bungee brands while never trying a Bellicon but the the people making the negative comments never tried a JS550 or 48 inch PROBounce first so have no clue if they would have then decided a Bellicon expense was worthwhile for them.  Not all Bellicon owners are 100% satisfied!  I have to wonder why some Bellicon owners have to lash out against owners satisfied with cheaper bungees.
News Flash:  $500 is not a negligible sum to many potential bungee customers.

I am very happy with our Nissan Sentra and did not need to test drive a luxury car.
Maybe in the future in another home, I may try a Bellicon but doubt it.

Party in a Box recently done:

Thursday, October 29, 2015

PROBounce Discounts

The PROBounce bungees already have a $50 discount on their website:
but there will be an additional discount on their 48inch model starting officially around Black Friday, returning it to its pre-order price ($249).  Hopefully, the free shipping will continue as well.

I doubt you can find a better bungee at this remarkable price.
See it in action with Ultra cords:

same clip but different music:

(both video samples are at the end of longer clips which start with bouncing on a stability ball)

I love mine.  Of course, if you rather pay much more (up to three times more) for a Bellicon, it is better quality (and prettier).  The lower height was and is the appeal of the PROBounce for me.  The cords have been showing no wear and it has been used regularly for over a month.  There is a slight squeak now and then which has responded to tightening the legs or lubricating the frame joints.  I highly suggest putting some vaseline or lubricant on the legs and frame joints when putting it together.
I was given a preview link to the future sale BUT am not receiving any compensation for spreading the word.  Someone thought I was selling JumpSport bungees in the past because I was a huge fan of their product and will now probably assume I am selling PROBounce bungees!  My only intention is to help people find a bungee they can afford as well as enjoy.  I would prefer to suffer Buyer's Remorse for several hundred dollars less if it were my first bungee purchase.  I can only be responsible for my own behavior and rather avoid a pissing contest with people who never even tried the JS550 or 48 inch PROBounce and feel it their duty to help others spend substantially more money.  I like these two bungees almost equally but would not recommend the JS550 at its current $500 when the PROBounce is cheaper, especially when $250.  However, if the JS550 were again $400 at Costco and the PROBounce $350, I would recommend the Jumpsport for its quality and adjustable cords.  I believe my videos show how much I enjoy my less expensive bungees and that I can use them both the same way.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Really Old VHS

I was really enjoying this edit of mine of a vhs shared on youtube.
The only thing ruining it was a weird clunking sound in the soundtrack I had used.
It starts with arms then has abs followed by easy to follow cardio.

here is my edit
(hope y'all can see it)

original on youtube

and here is an oldie but goodie from an OOP VHS:

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bouncin Barb Vids

I am going to embed my Bouncin Barb videos here from DailyMotion so they are easier to access. All future videos will be added here from the POMBarb channel on DailyMotion (Bouncin Barb Playlist) for convenience.  You can click the lower right corner of each video to go to the actual full size file.  Most are also available on youtube, some with different music.

BB BungeeBall MU 1 by POMBarb

BB BungeeBall MU 2 by POMBarb

BB BungeeBall MU 3 by POMBarb

BB PROBounce Bungee MU 1 by POMBarb
(music gets louder)
also with Holiday Music near bottom

BB PROBounce Band MU (public audio) 2b by POMBarb

same as above but different soundtrack:

BB PROBounce Band MU (preferred audio) 2a by POMBarb

BB Probounce MU 3a by POMBarb

BB Ball then PROBounce MU (preferred audio) 3b by POMBarb

BB Ball then PROBounce MU (public audio) 3c by POMBarb

BB PROBounce bands ball MU

BB PROBounce bands ball MU by POMBarb

a video demonstrating the JumpSport PRO 370

The above can all be done on a rebounder, large stability ball, or even sitting in a chair and use the core and whole body instead of just pedaling the feet.  All use pumping music too.
Most can be done smiling.
Just have FUN and ENJOY!

here are links to the above videos and more:
dailymotion playlist

youtube playlist when music is accepted


OMG  This is the truest truth of all:

I had a realization that someone online was a pathological liar to hide her negative behavior and quickly stop playing a part in her lies. Yesterday another person who is a friend and neighbor lied right to my husband's face to hide his gambling addiction.  These pathological liars are deeply disturbed but adding lies to cover poor behavior just doubles their problems.  I do not understand how these people can do what they do and sleep at night.

another good one:
Walk away, no RUN away from people who behave poorly.
Refuse to become a part of their drama.
However, I will not pray for these people, preferring to pray for nice people who got a bad deal.
(In the real world, the thought of Trump or Carson possibly being nominated by the GOP is as surreal and as terrifying as any nightmare)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Storing and Sharing Video Files

I am still trying to figure out the best way to store and share my edited video files.  The main obstacle is being able to organize them so a file is easily produced by a search.
Youtube is too unpredictable with their music restrictions.
DailyMotion limits how many hours can be uploaded in a day and makes private sharing more difficult with just links.
WellVideo is great BUT only the most recently uploaded files seem to get views so no point taking up permanent storage there for files that will soon be ignored.    At least the search engine does work for public videos there.
Toutbox is great for storage and sharing downloads but being in French, prevents visitors from registering. is also great for storing and sharing but few visitors venture there as well.

Maybe I best get honest with myself that I am the only one really interested in these edited files for their routines and music so my dvdr backups are all I need for my personal use.    I am pretty much coming to the conclusion that creating my own videos is not worth the bother either.  My recorded bouncing routines have gotten lots of views on DailyMotion and my bouncing playlist has been viewed on youtube more than the individual videos there.  However, I believe most tuned in to see what my bungees were like rather than trying the actual routines.  What is already available is enough to demonstrate my bouncing fusion style which can be applied to other routines.

Guess I will just wait and see if anyone actually requests more edited and/or recorded videos.

ETA: here was one I recently enjoyed:

It is an edit of a youtube video.  Now that I figured out how to share the zillion edits I have on, I will easily be able to share more edited videos with little effort on my blog and on WellVideo.

and another!

and one more LOL

edited Keaira African Intervals great on bungee and ball

Monday, October 19, 2015

This and That

I have been revisiting some older edited youtube files and really enjoying them.
At first, I was going to record myself doing the edits of some bouncing videos on youtube but decided not to record myself doing them because their author did not want her content on WellVideo, even though her originals are public on youtube.    IMHO, it was really my audio that made them great.  This morning I found other youtube edits which have better moves which I had edited with awesome music that I will record doing instead.
Here is a search for these youtube videos if you want to try the originals:

These Priority One (youtube PPMTV channel) videos have plenty of simple moves which work great on the bungee and ball and even a chair:

I sometimes use a swivel chair and may record doing the chair video edit on my swivel chair.

Anywho last night was one of those nights when I could not quiet my mind.  I started thinking about how another online friend had so many losses in her life but still kept a positive attitude.  Ironically, she shared this on FaceBook this morning:

then she commented that she hoped she was a blessing, not a lesson!
Actually she is both a Blessing and a Lesson but a good Lesson.

Likewise, I hope most find me as a *Blessing* if not a good Lesson.
I know some people who resented me because of their own personal baggage gave me a terrible Lesson.   However, learning who to avoid is an excellent lesson so in some way even toxic people can be a Blessing.  I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

2 New Videos and Current Bungee Prices

This morning I woke up feeling really well so I recorded two new videos:

First is just using the PROBounce while playing an edit of a jessicasmithtv Interval Walk

BB Probounce MU3 by POMBarb

also on WellVideo and youtube

youtube embedded on WellVideo

Second starts with bouncing on a large Stability Ball and ends with alittle more PROBounce action:
This audio will not be on youtube
However, Youtube accepted my second audio soundtrack attempt for the Ball then Bungee bouncing I recorded yesterday:

BB Ball then PROBounce MU2 by POMBarb
(sorry it starts with a Country song since two of my WellVideo friends do not like Country music but wanted to use a soundtrack I was sure youtube would accept)

Speaking of youtube....
This is very exciting!
Ilyse Baker now has a youtube channel!!!
Several WellVideo friends requested to have the audio replaced on these

As I have mentioned many times, the combination of bouncing and music has been my magic bullet, making my workouts fun and making me feel great.  Do not be afraid of having fun!!!  A workout should be our playtime.   Just keep MUving.

I realize *FUN* is in the eye of the beholder so listen to your own body and mind and find what is *FUN* to you.   I am a free spirit like a puppy when it comes to what I enjoy doing.  Other exercisers may be more like cats, wanting to follow a rotation or style exactly as it is demonstrated without as much enthusiasm, playfulness or creativity.  For me, bouncing without music is bland, like eating cardboard instead of a food with flavor.
Meanwhile some others may not even taste a food if they do not hear how it was made no matter how good it looks LOL

The 44 inch JumpSport 550  is better made than the 48 inch PROBounce but I have been enjoying the PROBounce just as much since it is lower and wider.  The Probounce though wider is lighter and easier to move around.

After rebounding for so many years, I strongly urge anyone in the market for a rebounder to consider one of the larger bungee models.

Just a summary of the larger bungee options and current prices:
$350 for the PROBounce 48 inch (pre-order was $250)
$500 for the JumpSport550 44 inch (Costco was $400)
$600 Bellicon 44 inch (now free shipping)
$700 Bellicon 49 inch (now free shipping)

Be aware, the holidays are coming and so are the holiday sales!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Irrational Hate

The people in this country who are obsessed with *the gay agenda* (whatever the hell that is?) need to refocus and start enjoying their own civil liberties instead of seeking to prevent civil liberties for others.   Having equal rights will not affect these irrational people's rights at all.  This irrational fear called Homophobia is preventing the pursuit of happiness for all of the people obsessed with it.  They are not pursuing anything but misery for those whom they fear and themselves.

Our older son is gay.  It took him 35 years to find someone who brought him happiness.   Do not remove my son's pursuit of happiness.   As a mom, I can only be as happy as my least happy child.  
Do not remove my pursuit of happiness!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2015


I have been using the French Toutbox for storing since WellVideo started charging for private storage space.  It enables the downloading of files very easily.  It was tricky at first and I depended on browser translation extensions to navigate, especially in the beginning.   So far, it is free and has no space limitations.   Files seem to upload and download quite quickly.

Here is a link to my edited files which are public for all on WellVideo to make sharing quite effortless:
Some have a preview but all are downloadable by clicking on the orange download arrow.

There is also a direct folder for Bouncin Barb videos:

I can share more privately using passwords too.

do not miss this one fresh off the presses
a wonderful outdoor Walk to great MUsic,47465961.mp4(video)

Monday, October 5, 2015

It's a Great Day

I had a great workout.
The sun is shining and so am I.
But best of all, a skin biopsy I had done last week was benign!
It is wonderful to have that cloud of doom blown away.

Here are some edited youtube files embedded on WellVideo for all:

Most of my edits work with a bungee or stability ball with alittle tweaking.

ETA: fresh off the presses
a wonderful outdoor Walk to great MUsic

I decided to make most of my recent youtube edits available on Toutbox!

This will make the downloading of shared edits as simple as possible.
There is also a direct folder for Bouncin Barb videos:

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Statins Warning

Please if being advised to take a statin, do your own research first before deciding whether taking a statin is worth the risk.  If you decide to try one anyway, be aware of  all of the adverse side effects and do not ignore them because they may start slowly and you may not even be aware of their connection to statin use.   My doctors ignored my complaints for years till I connected the dots myself but unfortunately, too late.  My doctor called CoQ10 a placebo!
Be sure to take a CoQ10 supplement if taking a statin instead of waiting for side effects.
All you need is a minimal statin dosage every other day to have the anti-inflammatory effect with possibly less adverse effects.  Cholesterol levels, even LDL, are NOT the problem requiring treatment unless you are a male with heart disease or diabetes.

Here is a newer article about statins which could have gone into more detail about the adverse side effects so do more research if still in doubt:

I am thrilled that my new PROBounce bungee rebounder has not affected my feet adversely.  If anything, I think my lower limbs are doing somewhat better.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

PROBounce Final Analysis (for now)

I would recommend always getting the highest tension cords with the largest mats because they do loosen with use and larger mats tend to feel looser sooner, especially in the center.  My son broke in the PROBounce with really hard high jumping so the mat is already somewhat looser.  The cords are showing no changes visually though they did with the 550 almost immediately (fraying of the covering and flattening).  There was one PROBounce cord which looked slightly damaged that I kept on the frame even though it came with 4 extra cords and it has not shown any progression in its appearance.

Lubricating oil between the frame parts and on the legs may reduce sound.  I lubricated the legs because one was hard to put on and remove and it was suggested in the manual.  I did not lubricate the frame sections because it was not making noise but another customer stopped her noise with vaseline.

Anywho, the PROBounce has officially replaced my JumpSport 550 in our basement.  I love the wider and lower mat, enabling more overhead action.  My feet have responded well to it after several days of use.  For my needs, it is the best choice for our basement.  I have no trouble following the timing of routines I did on the 550.

Is it worth paying the current $350 for the PROBounce or $500 for the smaller but better quality JumpSport 550?  Even if the 550 were again offered for $400 at Costco, for me the lower height and wider mat of the PROBounce would be the deciding factor instead of price.
I, personally, cannot consider a Bellicon because of its height.
(no worries, I enjoy my bouncing parties everyday)