Saturday, October 31, 2015

Some Observations

I believe I finally found the perfect formula for myself, starting a workout session with a ~10 minute routine and music I know that will get me bouncing whether on a bungee or stability ball then switching to a routine that may need more tweaking to keep me interested for about 30 minutes on and off the bungee and ball.  Ironically, my favorite warmups have been the videos I had recorded!  They all seem to include my favorite tunes and moves so there will be more coming,
This morning the warmup got my heartrate up and then the longer less intense routine kept my heartrate in a lower zone but still aerobic.  The more into the music I am, the higher my heartrate.

People keep asking me what I think about my bungees.  Most who can afford a Bellicon will go Bellicon but with no guarantee that they will love it or even use it to its full potential for fun.  Bottomline, it is not which bungee you buy but how you use it that counts.  A Bellicon may look more impressive but I guarantee few Bellicon owners have more fun than I do every morning or actually bounce as much as I do daily.  I know I would have way less fun on a Bellicon in my basement, worrying about hitting my head on the ceiling.  Just the smaller difference in height between the JS550 and PROBounce made a huge difference for me.  Also if you do not intend to bounce barefooted, I doubt you would use a Bellicon to its full potential.  Wearing shoes greatly interferes with my fun.

Someone asked me what was the main difference between the 48 inch PROBounce and Bellicon.
My response was *about $500* LOL
I do not own a Bellicon and see no reason to own one for $500 more.  Second main difference would be the Bellicon is a couple inches higher.  I can do what I want to do on the PROBounce and without hitting my head on our low basement ceiling.  I have received snide remarks for comparing the major  bungee brands while never trying a Bellicon but the the people making the negative comments never tried a JS550 or 48 inch PROBounce first so have no clue if they would have then decided a Bellicon expense was worthwhile for them.  Not all Bellicon owners are 100% satisfied!  I have to wonder why some Bellicon owners have to lash out against owners satisfied with cheaper bungees.
News Flash:  $500 is not a negligible sum to many potential bungee customers.

I am very happy with our Nissan Sentra and did not need to test drive a luxury car.
Maybe in the future in another home, I may try a Bellicon but doubt it.

Party in a Box recently done:

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