Monday, October 19, 2015

This and That

I have been revisiting some older edited youtube files and really enjoying them.
At first, I was going to record myself doing the edits of some bouncing videos on youtube but decided not to record myself doing them because their author did not want her content on WellVideo, even though her originals are public on youtube.    IMHO, it was really my audio that made them great.  This morning I found other youtube edits which have better moves which I had edited with awesome music that I will record doing instead.
Here is a search for these youtube videos if you want to try the originals:

These Priority One (youtube PPMTV channel) videos have plenty of simple moves which work great on the bungee and ball and even a chair:

I sometimes use a swivel chair and may record doing the chair video edit on my swivel chair.

Anywho last night was one of those nights when I could not quiet my mind.  I started thinking about how another online friend had so many losses in her life but still kept a positive attitude.  Ironically, she shared this on FaceBook this morning:

then she commented that she hoped she was a blessing, not a lesson!
Actually she is both a Blessing and a Lesson but a good Lesson.

Likewise, I hope most find me as a *Blessing* if not a good Lesson.
I know some people who resented me because of their own personal baggage gave me a terrible Lesson.   However, learning who to avoid is an excellent lesson so in some way even toxic people can be a Blessing.  I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason.

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