Sunday, October 25, 2015


OMG  This is the truest truth of all:

I had a realization that someone online was a pathological liar to hide her negative behavior and quickly stop playing a part in her lies. Yesterday another person who is a friend and neighbor lied right to my husband's face to hide his gambling addiction.  These pathological liars are deeply disturbed but adding lies to cover poor behavior just doubles their problems.  I do not understand how these people can do what they do and sleep at night.

another good one:
Walk away, no RUN away from people who behave poorly.
Refuse to become a part of their drama.
However, I will not pray for these people, preferring to pray for nice people who got a bad deal.
(In the real world, the thought of Trump or Carson possibly being nominated by the GOP is as surreal and as terrifying as any nightmare)

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