Sunday, October 4, 2015

Statins Warning

Please if being advised to take a statin, do your own research first before deciding whether taking a statin is worth the risk.  If you decide to try one anyway, be aware of  all of the adverse side effects and do not ignore them because they may start slowly and you may not even be aware of their connection to statin use.   My doctors ignored my complaints for years till I connected the dots myself but unfortunately, too late.  My doctor called CoQ10 a placebo!
Be sure to take a CoQ10 supplement if taking a statin instead of waiting for side effects.
All you need is a minimal statin dosage every other day to have the anti-inflammatory effect with possibly less adverse effects.  Cholesterol levels, even LDL, are NOT the problem requiring treatment unless you are a male with heart disease or diabetes.

Here is a newer article about statins which could have gone into more detail about the adverse side effects so do more research if still in doubt:

I am thrilled that my new PROBounce bungee rebounder has not affected my feet adversely.  If anything, I think my lower limbs are doing somewhat better.

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