Thursday, October 29, 2015

PROBounce Discounts

The PROBounce bungees already have a $50 discount on their website:
but there will be an additional discount on their 48inch model starting officially around Black Friday, returning it to its pre-order price ($249).  Hopefully, the free shipping will continue as well.

I doubt you can find a better bungee at this remarkable price.
See it in action with Ultra cords:

same clip but different music:

(both video samples are at the end of longer clips which start with bouncing on a stability ball)

I love mine.  Of course, if you rather pay much more (up to three times more) for a Bellicon, it is better quality (and prettier).  The lower height was and is the appeal of the PROBounce for me.  The cords have been showing no wear and it has been used regularly for over a month.  There is a slight squeak now and then which has responded to tightening the legs or lubricating the frame joints.  I highly suggest putting some vaseline or lubricant on the legs and frame joints when putting it together.
I was given a preview link to the future sale BUT am not receiving any compensation for spreading the word.  Someone thought I was selling JumpSport bungees in the past because I was a huge fan of their product and will now probably assume I am selling PROBounce bungees!  My only intention is to help people find a bungee they can afford as well as enjoy.  I would prefer to suffer Buyer's Remorse for several hundred dollars less if it were my first bungee purchase.  I can only be responsible for my own behavior and rather avoid a pissing contest with people who never even tried the JS550 or 48 inch PROBounce and feel it their duty to help others spend substantially more money.  I like these two bungees almost equally but would not recommend the JS550 at its current $500 when the PROBounce is cheaper, especially when $250.  However, if the JS550 were again $400 at Costco and the PROBounce $350, I would recommend the Jumpsport for its quality and adjustable cords.  I believe my videos show how much I enjoy my less expensive bungees and that I can use them both the same way.

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