Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Spoon Theory

This pretty much explains my life, picking and choosing minimal tasks because each task is so difficult, the first is even trying to lie in bed during the night, let alone get up.

I would give anything to not have to worry about what may trigger a new twinge or spasm.  Sometimes even taking a hot shower to try to loosen the threatening to spasm muscles or sooth aching joints, triggers more spasms.

Living with a chronic condition that does not show to the people around you can be very problematic.  About the only time I feel *well* is during a workout and for a short period afterwards.   However, I have learned what kind of moves and music make this magical moment happen.   I look for moves that work while standing on a bungee or sitting on a stability ball and music that makes me want to bounce.  Creating my own combination of moves and music keeps my mind off my condition when I am not moving.  I try to share my tech tips and approach to moving online with others so it is  very frustrating and stressful when a toxic personality crosses my path.

When you are driving a car, remember that the other drivers are also human beings with various problems.   When you are online, try to remember that the other people online are human beings with various problems.  Please treat others as you would hope they would treat you.  If someone obviously does not care how they make you feel, avoid that person, just as you would avoid a reckless driver.  Road rage online or in a car can be devastating.

That being said, this morning's routines were thankfully magical and included edited files of an Exercise TV Basic Cardio routine with Amy Dixon, a short standing abs routine with Amy Bento which worked great with a purple Zumba stick, and last but not least, the first mile from the Biggest Loser Power Walk with new MUsic.

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