Monday, March 16, 2015

Costco 550 Sale!

The JumpSport 550 is again ~$400 through Costco and includes the handlebar and shipping
This is an outstanding deal for an outstanding product.
I love mine and still have been using it daily for almost 17 months.

It still amazes me how many toxic people are online. Then again there are plenty of great people online too.  Sadly many people who are quite nice offline, act poorly online because of anonymity.  I liken it to how someone acts when driving and having the anonymity of the car.  Some drivers become very rude if not dangerous.

Anywho I will still be sharing routines I want to revisit on WellVideo but am removing alot of content I had uploaded for other people.  I had so many videos, it was hard to find what I wanted with too many playlists and too many videos on each playlist.

This morning the winner of all of the routines I tried was an edited Caribbean Rebound routine which can be done on a rebounder or while sitting on a stability ball or standing (there is a modifier).

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