Thursday, March 5, 2015

Burning for LG DP 132

WOW I really loved some of the routines I did this morning!

First was an edited Wimberlean Tabata which had bouncing moves  to a great tune (Red Hot Chili Peppers *Give It Away*) and the combination was a winner for me.

Here is the original embedded:

Now try muting the embedded file while playing the song on another tab

Then I did the first couple of songs from 2 LB Kass Dance Body routines which I liked but the music after the first two or three songs started to sound unfamiliar with the cuing too loud and the moves not as much fun.  I will still try some of her Yollet another day.

Then I did a couple of edited Kamagon routines with Keli Roberts using a purple Zumba stick as my weight and really loved them. (Originals are on youtube)

Finished with some edited Ellen Barrett from her newst DVD Stretch Sculpt.  I enjoyed the moves when doing my maiden voyage with the DVD but as usual preferred my MUsic only edit even more.

All of the above were burned to a dvdr as data files and played on my new cheap dvd player.  One big difference between this dvdr and those burned by Freemake into VTS files was that the longer files had no chaptering like a Freemake burned dvd.  The dvd player recognizes each 15 minutes as a chapter for skipping around on Freemake burns.  I do prefer the simpler data file menu though so may start chaptering longer routines myself when converting to avi
(max burn space is 4.24 gigs)

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