Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Edited BodyShreds

This morning I did a couple of Bodyshreds with Jillian Michaels to which I had added awesome MUsic.  The moves were simple to follow without cuing and worked on the bungee and ball. (Honestly I would never do these with cuing because Jillian is not a favorite of mine)

I wanted to add if anyone is having any sort of problems using the programs I mention, do not be afraid to ask questions.   Just the other day I put instructions for taxes on my laptop for my husband to read and he did not even know how to scroll downwards on the screen.  He thought my wireless mouse was my mobile phone!  So no question is too *dumb*.

(I am inserting a picture here so it may help someone who is having trouble getting Freemake to see MP4 videos to burn)
The picture below shows a drop down menu in the lower right corner to help find videos you want to list on Freemake Video Converter:

the wrong file type default can block a video from getting chosen

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