Monday, March 9, 2015

Another Day

Another morning bouncing with Leslie to MUsic.
The music I used would probably not appeal to most.  Some tunes from Broadway shows and movies as well as Classical and instrumentals.  Anywho, it worked for me because I felt invigorated by the movement and time flew by after having another bad night.  Before bed, my feet started cramping and my legs were feeling like they were going to join in so I took a pill which helps prevent night time cramping.  Got some sleep but not enough.
At least our den window leaks may be done for this year since the temps will not be as frigid. We had alot of leakage a couple of days ago but caught most of it in containers and rags so hopefully no mildew.  May try a roof rake next winter.
Yesterday I attempted some decluttering but found getting into lower cabinets rough on my feet and legs.  I have to remind myself of all of the statin induced conditions which have improved and not focus on the chronic conditions which may never improve.  More and more studies are emphasizing the adverse side effects of statins and the lack of any tangible benefits.  Hopefully, the medical community will stop its poisoning of their middle aged and elderly patients and not start their younger patients on a life time of artificial deficiencies because of cholesterol lab results.

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